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TRS 06-4-2012 9:42 PM Fr TRS, the location makes the difference, so far (waiting for development of this hubby). Good for Venice & Eastern Veneto Region (as it substitutes VCE & TSF quite often during fog which is far less common in TRS), Alps (esp. Eastern, esp. Dolomites), upper Adriatic Sea, Slovenia & Croatia (esp. Istria, Kvarner & Northern Dalmatia). In a land halfway between N & S, W & E (the only airport at the meeting point of historically Latin, Germanic and Slavic cultural European areas), it is the closest seaside airport to all Central Europe as the airport is placed 5 km from the most Northern tip of the whole Mediterranean Sea.
Piero-go 06-3-2011 8:52 AM Very Good Airport!! With modern and quickly facilities. An example? you never have to queue at the check in, the on time performances of this airport is also very good, so you are sure that you are never giong to miss your next flight or your business appointment. choosing to depart from this airport means that you will arrive in confort and without stress at your destination.
Brigata 10-19-2008 9:58 PM Very poor Bathrooms... It looks like from a 3rd world country!
toucego 10-18-2008 10:59 PM This airport is very far from Trieste... The restrooms are a completely joke, probably good in a 3º world country!
igisum 08-4-2007 4:46 AM TRS should be the first italian airport for est europe and middle-est. The location allow a lot of flights to/from several destination that otherwise are available only from HuBs (Italian & foreigns). At this time remain a little marginal airport with an historical great past.