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sf200425997 07-21-2010 5:13 PM This airport is a joke. I've arrived there @8pm. There were lots of flights scheduled for that evening but no shops were open apart from maybe one mediocre booth with sweets/coffee etc.. Toilets were nasty as hell. Staff is either rude or ignorant. My fiancee forgot to pack olive oil bottle that was over 100ml within her checked-in luggage. Things like this can happen at some point to all of us. The assistant was plain rude and tried to raise her voice a notch too high, until reminded the relationship between staff and customers. Then she had a nerve to "kindly" suggest that we can check the carry on, and that it's really cheap - just 45 EUR. I know we were flying with a crappy airline - Ryanair, but that suggestion was just insulting. Either this or she was outright dumb.
JFER1980 03-2-2010 10:08 PM Nice Airport considering it supports low cost airlines mainly Ryanair. Parking is fairly easy, the airport is clean and I've never really seen any long lines. Unlike a lot of other Ryanair airports there is a decent amount of room in the airport and it offers good views of the airfield with huge windows. The toiletry machine came in handy when I forgot my toothbrush last time. It was only 1 Euro.
piltopete 12-28-2007 12:44 PM Some of the staff there are very rude. Some of them are nothing short of being racist.
Pinza 10-10-2007 5:41 PM New terminal opened in 2007. Couldn't fault it for a small regional airport. Most flights are operated by Ryanair. Good coach transfers to Venice, but why not explore Treviso itself? The number 6 bus runs frequently from just outside the terminal building (cross to opposite side of the road!) to the train station and town centre for only 1 Euro and only takes 15 minutes. Buy ticket from inside the terminal and not the driver.