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piltopete 12-28-2007 3:07 PM Great Airport!!! for a so-called small third world Island. Still it may be a third world mentality, but they still have the money and infrastructure,(OIL,OIL,OIL) thanks mainly to the super brains of the local Asian business men and women. The envy of all the Caribbean. Still I would rather be at this airport than Jamaica airport!! I would even rather be in Iraq's airport than any Jamaican airport!! any day!! Also some European airports are over rated! way over rated. Well done Trinidad!
bulldawg 08-14-2007 1:48 PM this is the most pathetic airport ever. one must pass thru an hours-long-wait line to get a ticket stamped labeling the passenger as in-transit. the line moves so slowly and disorderly that it is seriously pathetic. it's no wonder why this island country is third-world-ish and obviously will stay that way.