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zippertn 01-12-2014 4:12 PM This airport has been spiraling on a down fall since the Tunisian revolution of January 14,2011. Departing airplanes are often delayed because of ground crew are on strike, checking is chaotic there is no queue, amenities such as the post office or the change office are sometimes unavailable (on Sunday, holidays and late at night), food is relatively expensive.Bathroom of filthy and information desk is often empty. Arrival is also chaotic, they have one single line for each immigration officer, so when a passenger has a problem, the whole line is stuck. Airplane take long to unload the baggage due to ground crew strikes, and many passenger have reported missing items from their luggage (secure your bags with locks and make sure that the zipper can't be moved around). Airport official are most of the time out, and whenever a complaint reaches them, they listen to it with deaf ears. Finally, when you get a taxi outside the airport, make sure he put the meter on, if he refuse just leave and look for another one or it will cost you 10 times the normal ride.
Schnoffos 12-9-2012 7:15 PM It's a small airport and by no means similar to what you find in the western world. As noted by other reviewers, everybody smoked. In pre-Revolution times, you could encounter situations where smoking was prohibited and everybody was following - if a non-smoking Minister was expected. The hall is voluminous, so even though everybody smokes and it stinks a bit, it's not as bad as it sounds. Because people can smoke and it's one of the locations were you can also drink alcohol, the airport is also a social meeting point. It's actually quite funny to sit in one of the coffees and watch (a huge variety of) people. I'm always reminded on a Hobbit village when I spend time there. The good thing about the airport used as such is that you don't have to wait much and you don't have to walk miles to get to your Terminal or out of the airport. If taking a taxi, you should insist on them using the taximeter. If you don't you'll pay 4-10 times the price, if you do, you'll be surprised how cheap it is. You should take a taxi, best during rush hours to experience the Tunisian version of Harry Potters Knight Bus. Back to the airport, there is a good chance that something special happens. Whether it's a couple of guys jamming and some other guys starting to dance or just some small details worth a broad grin.
abelljms 11-13-2012 8:01 AM fag central - disugusting. take a de-fumigation kit
8xul 02-16-2010 10:15 AM The airport claims to be non-smoking, there are multiple non-fumeur signs, announcements that smoking is not permitted. And everyone smokes. It would be better to end the hypocrisy and remove the 'bans' - it would be less annoying. Especially because almost all of the airport employees smoke (guards, information, cleaners, etc). The toilets are dirty, the cleaning staff is 'begging' for tips, security control is rather chaotic - all your stuff is just randomly thrown into the scanner with others people belongings.