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Jack222 03-28-2008 00:51 TVC is a brand new, beautiful airport! It even has a working fireplace in the waiting area and granite ticket counters. Most of the employees are very friendly and seem eager to please. Flights are usually on time, especially the mainline NW jet service to DTW and MSP. On the down side, TVC has a smoking room that lets fumes escape into the terminal (hello, it's 2008, most places don't allow smoking within 100 feet of buildings anymore, much less inside them), rental cars are expensive, airfares are expensive in the summer time as Traverse City is a resort area catering to many tourists with vacation dollars to spend, and baggage claim can be very slow (most of the counter people also work the ramp and also work baggage claim). As with many small town airports, the TSA people can be very friendly but also can be very no-nonsense and on the look-out for "trouble-makers" and sometimes seem to assume that everybody is a novice going through security (e.g. they will lecture you about taking out your laptop even after you've put it in a grey bin). As most of the planes serving the airport are regional jets and propeller planes, security lines are usually very short. The only food (snack bar) at the airport is in the secure area, and it's nothing to write home about. There's a small gift shop in the lobby near the ticket counters. If you really are concerned about price and have extra time, fly to Grand Rapids and drive as it's MUCH cheaper.
bistrojack 08-6-2007 15:58 Best airport in the world to start or end a trip. Small, clean, convenient, short / non-existent line at security.