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blubdumb 02-16-2014 5:08 PM A very central located airport, nice layout (Terminals A,B,D,E), easy walks except of the AirBerlin-Terminal C, easy to reach. They have some problems with cleanliness, toilets are oldstylish and sometimes really dirty, no free wifi, drinks totally overpriced. Also sometimes bad air inside, as people (and even airport staff) smoking in front of the doors and no-smoking-signs.
jiri@iptel.org 12-2-2010 8:56 AM the airport is extremely convenient, no central crowded queues, extremely short entrance-to-gate times as the cab stops directly in front of each gate
Clipperberlin 03-3-2009 6:12 AM built in the 70´s for just 4 airlines (Pan Am, Air France, British Airways and Air Berlin USA) Berlin-Tegel has now to handle passengers like a busy international airport. Therefore Terminal C and D have opened 2004 and 2008, but generaly the airport is still too small for the traffic. No common Check-in aerea forces the passengers to check-in only at Gates in front of the aircraft and long security jams occurs.
jbrand224 06-27-2008 6:00 PM A great airport --- I disagree with the other commentator. Close-in. EASY to get from the taxi to the check-in desk -- likely less than 100 feet! As a frequent user of TXL, I will be very sad when BBI comes "on-line" and TXL is closed.
CRoigk 08-7-2007 1:28 PM TXL was designed to handle a couple of Pan Am and BA flights to West Germany. Now this airport is too overcrowded and the process to find a new airport took too long. Since the Terminal is now 30+ years old, the aiport should be closed and being replaced soon.