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Flyg_himmel 02-13-2014 11:10 PM I can't understand how they built this crappy airport without having the proper motorways to get there, it looks like is built in a hurry, the terminals are small; I wonder where the money went!! The buses to the city centre from the airport are more expensive than the buses to go to other cities inside Ecuador!
DiscoveryReporter 04-22-2009 6:31 PM Good Airport but too noisy, I heard they are building a brand new airport, looking forward to see that, I like Guayaquil's airport better for its designs and easy conections to and from the Galapagos Islands, and back home to the USA.
Worldexplorer 04-15-2009 5:44 PM I agree with the last poster went to the Galapagos Island, and we made an stop at Guayaqil's airport for about an hour and we got off there to wait for our connecting flight into the islands, this airport is very comfortable and charming, we were a bit curious to see this city too, even is it wasn't on our agenda we decided to made an stop on our way back from the beautiful islands because we had to come back here anyway, all the flights out of Quito made an stop on Guayaqil since is the closest point on Ecuador before flying into the islands so we stayed there for two days, is a colorful port city right on the west coast of Ecuador, very nice & modern we loved the long walk at the riverfront malecon 2000 is call, a good place to visit.
Americanjournalist 04-14-2009 5:21 AM This is an old airport can't wait to see the new Quito's International airport schedule to open next year, so far the only airport I like the most is the one at Guayaquil, Ecuador's business capital.
trance2 08-23-2007 2:54 PM This airport is entirely too noisy. It seems like every 30 seconds there is a gate announcement, security announcement or page. If you are trying to talk to on a cell phone you simply cant find a quiet area without the loud speaker rattling off some sort of information. Immigration area is spacious however their is no true diplomatic line. It can take upwards to 30 minutes getting through immigration because the clerks are not very efficient. Baggage claim is too small and with a large flight the bags fill up the belts too fast causing baggage jams.