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koralian 04-28-2012 10:36 AM The monotonous drone of the announcers voice typifies the couldn't care less attitude of the staff. This is a supplier driven airport, not consumer driven. Be aware that when you arrive you will have to puch through the throng of waiting people and may have to shrug off keen private taxi drivers.
jstampfl 06-3-2011 12:35 PM This is a small airport serving Mongolia with international connections and domestic flights. It is clean and secure. 4 Cafes/restaurants ( 2 on the bottom floor by International Arrivals, one on 3 floor. Well marked with English & Mongolian signs.
Richard C Kewish 01-26-2011 1:09 PM A basic airport with 1990's level of service and amenities. Officials reasonably friendly, but when delays occur none are willing to offer advice or provide solid information.