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em4o 04-23-2010 1:20 PM +a large apron-side terrace, free access, +rel. quick access to Varna -old Soviet building (T1), a hangar as a terminal (T3). -confusing bus routing (city centre/resorts), -expensive taxis -can get extremely crowded during summer (charter season)
sashoboy 01-7-2010 2:11 PM I recently flew to VAR from LGW. The most outdated carousel at baggage claim! It had no railings so bags were just falling down on the floor and onto passengers' feet. Although VAR is a small airport and you'd expect your bags to arrive in 10-15 min, for some reason I waited over 45 min, what was happening to our bags in the mean time is anyone's guess. My flight arrived late so the only option for me was to take a cab into town. The driver attempted to charge me double then threatened to leave me stranded on the highway. This was a horrible experience. The taxi didn't have a license number inside and the driver displayed no ID. Until the Airport and the City of Varna provide adequate regulation of taxis from the airport I will not be coming back.