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nyquistvix 08-2-2013 5:21 PM Considering it is the busiest airport in the country, relative to its capacity (650,50% of capacity in use), things work very smoothly. It would be nice to have more and more varied amenities, but for frequent business travelers like myself - who don't spend a lot of time there each leg - this is not a big issue. It must be a pain to connection passengers who need to stay there more than a couple of hours, though. Nice and clean enough otherwise.
Lucas93BR 12-5-2011 4:02 PM Outdated airport that was suppose to be renovated years ago. Needs more space for the rising amount of passengers and more routes throughout Brazil!I've been using this airport for over ten years and he only thing that has changed from then to now is the baggage claim area which expanded a bit. Now we await the new terminal....which has been promised since 2005
Raphaelvix 02-1-2010 3:33 PM Bad airport!!!!!!!!!!!!
caliban212 11-23-2007 4:29 PM a nice, clean, little airport, where you can get out on the tarmac, walk in and see the exit door right across from Baggage. It suffers from being so small, however, because there is little in the way of accomodations. Word from Capixabas is that there is a planned development, which will greatly increase the services and amenities. Still, as it stands right now it's a pleasant experience for someone who usually only sees big airports like BOS, MIA, O'Hare, ATL (God help us) and Denver.