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emax 11-6-2010 4:12 PM I visit this airport once a week. I've had about 200 landings there in the past four years and as much starts. The toilets are horrible, much too small and incredibly dirty. It is almost impossible to get you baggage into a toilet cabin, so you have to leave it outside, completely unattended. The restaurants tend to do charge non-italians in a "specal" way. The Airport responsibles don't manage to provide a comfortable security-check (no desks for unpacking/packing laptops etc.). Delays are seldomly announced, and if there is any annoucement at all, it is almost never announced correctly. There is no sitting-accomodation in front of the airport if you want to stay outside until check-in. The shuttle-bus from the airport does not stop at the departure building but instead stops at arrivals, thus forcing you to bring all your baggage to the departures area by foot. It seems, that passengers are just destined to bring their mony there, but apparently not considered to be guests. It is a very ugly, dirty, incomfortable and disgusting location.
igisum 08-4-2007 4:38 AM Increasing traffic with charter carriers but without enought structures. Airport must become bigger in next years or will be foreordained to collapse under passengers.