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Sturtzm 01-15-2014 1:18 PM Taxis: Polish people don't like to queue then when you are going outside you have to be careful to take taxi. Of course the direction of the airport and taxi providers cannot come to an agreement to make a special lane for queuing for taxis.
planesman007 02-24-2013 6:34 PM Great Airport!!!
RomanKmiotek 05-19-2011 2:49 PM Ceny w knajpach jak z kosmosu
chair2206 01-3-2011 1:33 AM To undergo the pat-down in transit zone within an hour staying and waiting ????????? It's RIDICULOUS !!!!! That's what making a plenty of people to avoid it and thereby airport kills itself ! No passengers - No airport !!!
tobjan 08-23-2010 12:17 PM Terminal Etiuda was closed in March 2009. New Terminal 2 is very nice.
mikemed 05-16-2010 10:47 AM Unthinkable: the newly opened "Etiuda" terminal does not have an elevator (or it's not used)- passengers (after check-in) have to use the staircase to get to the bus in order to be driven to the aircraft. I was travelling EWR- WAW- KRK with my wife and my 1yr old son (in a baby stroller). While the international part of travel was quite well served on WAW, upon entering the Etiuda terminal it all changed- we were left on our own, unsure, where to go, the signs were unclear. Nevertheless we somehow managed to find the right gate. When we checked- in we were shocked by the fact that we were led down the 2-floor stairs (I had to lift my son in a stroller myself, no airport service was willing to help) towards the bus. After this experience I decided to use this airport no more. I still am disgusted.
8xul 01-29-2010 10:25 AM Don't use it if you don't have to.
mikevilkin 10-27-2009 5:22 PM Don't travel through Warsaw airport. Security there is horrible. They search EVERYONE in line like s/he is a real terrorist, for at least 5 minutes. Prepare to spend an hour in the security checkpoint. What is the reason to search those who arrived from the United States, and search around my wife's vagina? And they don't care if you have a connecting flight an hour after arrival. We almost did not make it.
Burningbush 12-19-2008 8:39 PM Very plain airport and its sadly an embrassment. Out of the only 3 North American flights served that are non-stop (Toronto, New York, Chicago). Is ridculous! Long lines tops 3 hours waiting no stores nothing to do if you are waiting for a flight. My flight to Toronto was delayed for over 10 hours and they didn't give use any refreshments or food not to mention I was hungry and it on top of that it's a 9 hours flight. I aviod this airport at all times and you should to!
empewu 01-26-2008 11:11 AM extremely overcrowded airport, with long security lines (>25 minutes waiting a norm)
jacrol2003 11-22-2007 7:47 PM i,m just waiting for T2 to open and that will be something quite niecer than is now
ererce 10-10-2007 1:40 PM Ratings related to ONLY T1 open (with open T2 arrivals)
nlosborne 07-17-2007 2:04 PM Comments refer to Etiuda Terminal
karejeet 07-5-2007 7:09 PM when terminal 2 opens this will be a beautiful airport