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frequentflyer763 07-26-2011 2:46 PM tiny, boring, always flying to YYZ or YUL because there are few flights out of here
mike696970 04-11-2011 6:47 PM it's a great airport as long as you dont need to get anyplace, love the overnight to LHR (most days)
joe5578 09-7-2010 3:47 PM beautiful airport, lots of new space, but no flights to fill it, it always seems like my flight is the only flight at the airport (almost all gates are always empty), its rather sad to see this in the nations capital. few shops and they're only open 8-7 (they shouldnt close when there are still flights). duty free is a joke (extremely small and limited for both int'l and transboarder). On the plus side its the cleanest airport I know of, state of the art design. YOW has potential.
neonWired 01-10-2010 5:58 PM Good airport, less busy and stressful than Montreal or Toronto, is clean and has a pleasant atmosphere in the lounges
chrismcclennan 01-30-2008 4:54 PM Very well set up for a smaller international airport. Interesting open concept.
kschendel 07-25-2007 6:29 PM Feels like a train station with runways. It will be interesting to see how the new terminal works out. Fairly low volume, so the crossed-runway plan doesn't seem to be a problem. Not a bad place, just seems to be devilish hard and expensive to route to.
pete_coach 05-30-2007 6:37 PM The worst baggage handling ever. So slow poor such a small airport and so few flights