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chriskayTO 02-26-2010 8:25 PM Typical small city airport - very close to the city, cheap parking, quick in and out. Fortunately the airport fee is now included in the ticket, so no more lines to pay. Also, Air Canada and Westjet really should install automated check-in terminals here, since the check-in lines can be brutal. Also, the security checkpoint is quite intense compared to other airports - they usually put your through all of the paces. It doesn't help that there's only three scanners (recently upgraded from 2). At least the building itself is much larger and more spacious than the old cattle barn. There is absolutely no public transportation link into the city, so if you don't have transportation, a cab is your only option.
raphord 08-20-2007 9:45 AM Its a small airport so you should expect few services. Unfortunately the number of destinations served is pretty minor as well. I rarely have to park there but it is a pain and if you want to avoid taking the stairs it is a really long walk to the check-in counter. Line-ups are crazy during the early morning rush but when I leave at noon or supper-time its always quick. The $15 improvement fee will be included in the ticket cost starting October 1. The airport is easy to get to if you are coming from Moncton and easy to leave if you are heading away from Moncton but the other way around requires a lot of weird routing. I don't think there is any bus service at the moment but Codiac Transit is suppose to be implementing a shuttle bus at some point in the future. Taxis can sometimes be difficult to find after the midnight arrival from YYZ.
bfrome 06-15-2007 2:34 AM This is a new terminal building. Who ever planned it did NOT have the user in mind. Parking is outrageously priced. It's $10 per day for uncovered parking. It's basically a piece of pavement in the middle of the woods! As locals know, Moncton gets a lot of snow in Winter. Well you better bring a shovel with you. I do. Not only do you have to shovel your way into a spot sometimes but then you have to drag your luggage up a hill into the terminal building. Once inside you have to drag it up another level to get to the main level. When you get there (huffing and puffing) you have to stop and line up to pay your $15 airport fee. It's not included in your ticket price! Excuse me. What century are we in anyway? The security and airport fee line can be so long in the early morning that you could miss your flight. Welcome to YQM!