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M Dost 01-21-2014 9:18 PM Convenient if you live in Downtown. Otherwise no match with Pearson.Pearson
Surfnfx 01-18-2014 5:40 AM I like the Island Airport. Simple no hassle airport. No long walks like Pearson. Easy and cheap to get there. Never have to remember where you parked or where you stashed that parking lot ticket to get your car back. It has no shops but the only airport I have ever shopped at was Vancouver in the 711. Short line ups if any at the Island Airport. Free snacks and wifi.I like the worlds shortest ferry route all 90 secounds of it.To The condo owners, the airport was there first and you new it when you bought one so stop crying. It is a good simple airport.
3dflyer 01-7-2014 7:22 PM Getting to this airport is a nightmare. Pearson easier, better layout, more taxis, less hassle
Fraoch 09-9-2013 7:01 PM Excellent airport - I use this over Pearson (YYZ) every chance I get. There's no parking, you have to be driven in or come by public transport. The public transport is excellent - there's a free shuttle from Union Station which is the transportation hub for Toronto (you can reach it by intercity train, commuter train, bus or subway). The ridiculously short ferry ride is novel at first, a pain if you're short on time - blame the elite Toronto Island residents for this. Fortunately a tunnel is being built despite their ardent objections. The waiting area is like a business lounge at other airports - leather seats, free Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks and drinks. Since Porter virtually runs the whole airport, delays on Porter are rare. I guess the aircraft boarding process could be improved, often you have to cross a line of people disembarking from one aircraft while you try to board your aircraft. The lounge is clean, the staff are friendly and seem to genuinely care.
khan jee 08-29-2013 2:16 PM Parking is a big issue @ Billy Bishop Toronto Island Airport better book a Toronto Island Airport Taxi or Limo
vl77 12-21-2009 8:29 PM It's nice that you can now fly out of TO downtown, if only Porter could provide reliable service as well.
njcwelke 09-18-2009 3:35 PM from downtown toronto this is the best way in an out of town, but lack of food options is a constraint
Jeff Kirby 08-10-2009 3:32 AM My flight was late, turbulence made me sick, and then it was diverted to Pearson. Had to pick up my car dntwn, so I was not happy.
Torontoflyer 04-13-2008 1:43 AM Fantastic new terminal...very comfortable, like a business class lounge for all passengers including free snacks and drinks and Porter rep says the best is yet to come as new expanded terminal including restaurants, shops etc is in the works. Also says destinations will more than double by end 2009.
Steyrman 01-2-2008 3:08 PM RE Comments by Mr. Appleby. You'll find that the Q400 has an overall excellent safety record. The last SAS flight to have a problem with its landing gear was caused by poor maintenance on the part of SAS (an o-ring somehow lodged in the wheel strut). If Mr. Appleby bases his views on an airport by worrying that a plane with no record of crashes with fatalities operates from it, I hope he never goes to airports in Amsterdam, Toronto, Chicago, etc. or ever flies in a DC10, Boeing 747 or Lockheed L1011 or Airbus. MUCH worse records than the Bombardier. I suspect he's one of a number of waterfront condo owners (or Toronto Islanders) who bought a unit fully knowing that the airport was there and with the astonishing sense of entitlement that these people have, expect it close for them. If not, then I apologize to Mr. Appleby. But I still think his comments on why he doesn't want to use the YTZ -- an airport the downtown business community raves about -- are spurious.
Joel Appleby 01-1-2008 3:50 PM With all the crash landings in Scandanavia from faulty landing gear with the Q400 plane that Porter flies, made this flight pretty scary. Such a small plane, won't fly them again.