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esamuel 12-16-2013 3:24 AM Great airport!!
jjlhamel$ 07-5-2013 1:25 PM Luggage handling is a shame. One of the worst airport in the world if not the worst.
Peter Stockholm 12-29-2012 10:32 PM Immigration is a joke! If Canada wants any tourism at all in the future the immigration procedure at Montreal Airport has to change. Arter a 10 hour flight we had to que for 1 hur to get through to the first immigration point. After being questioned by a rude immigration officer we were told to go to the second immigration check point. No one explained why and no one could answer our questions. As Swedish citizens we don't need visas to visit Canada. 1,5 hour later we saw a second immigration officer and he asked us 2 questions (how much cash we had with us and if we were going to work in Canada during our 4 day long stay....) and then we could go...... Only to find out that our luggage was removed from the baggage hall and BA had closed the counter for the evening.....3 hours after landing we could leave the airport!!!! I could go on but won't. I can understand that they have to do their job but why be rude and why not communicate with the passengers and explain what was happening and why we had to wait. Slow, unfriendly and very inefficient! I will avoid Flying to Montreal in the future if possible.....
jppignol 12-29-2012 6:45 PM A model for Canada. Best value for flights to Europe and Caribbean Islands.
J.Fisher 04-1-2012 6:15 PM Incredibly slow lines for customs on arrival. I knew this from many experiences flying into Montreal. No where but here have I spent more than 1:30 in line to exit the airport, and I'm Canadian. But, little did I know the same thing could happen on departure. It took 1:30 to get through customs. I missed my flight, missed my connection. This is the worst airport I have ever traveled with.
joetintin 01-4-2012 11:27 PM I feel I'm in a Muslim country. the guy that checked me in was muslim, the guy that told me to get checked was muslim and the guy that checked my bags and messed them was muslim. What's wrong with Quebec...are they going to make the same mistake as France...think it's too late.
suprodan 07-11-2011 2:52 PM THe lines for Inmigration into USA is a mess, if you are normally told to get to the airport 3 hours in advance for an international Flight. If you flight to USA, get at least 4 hours in advance to the airport, since all Check In, security and passport control may take you 3 hours and a half. During my last trip getting our from YUL to JFK, i didn't missed the flight by 15 minutes, and arrived nearly 3 hours and a half in advance of my flight time departure
polanki55 05-14-2011 12:59 AM Worst luggage handling airport I know. You flight an hour and you wait for luggage an hour. Luggage crew always understaffed specially on weekends. Security lines on arrivals an nightmare
Miguel Angel Monta� 03-2-2011 4:08 AM Lost and Found: very confusing. No security tapes after 3 weeks, so anything stolen from the sterile areas remains so.
jillyj 02-15-2011 11:41 AM The lines for security and immigration are often a nightmare - surely more staff could be employed?Trying to get a decent meal is another challenge unless you like pizza or pasta or want to spend a fortune. My heart sinks every time I have to use this airport.
middleright 04-30-2010 8:36 PM Staff are friendly and patient, noone seemed to mind dealing with an Anglo. Ample and comfortable boarding lounges, pretty standard on dining options, but much better than I've seen in Frankfurt, LA, etc. Perhaps not the prettiest airport, but functional. Baggage was slow coming out, but no damage was done. Lineups at security, taxi queues, check in were either minimal or they moved very fast. Signage is great!
marcofr68 11-1-2009 10:33 AM Immigration's waiting line may be often extremely long!
caribb 01-24-2009 7:06 PM It's my home airport and I know it's evolution. Compared to other airports, especially major hubs, it lacks a lot of what it needs to seriously compete. It's best feature is it's location. It's worse is the layout of the airport. For me it's handy and functional but it's only an average airport in comparison to many others.
jalabang000 06-3-2008 1:43 PM YUL is okay. Arrivals, slightly delayed baggage reclaim and a little maniac, hordes of greeters and families as you exit. The public transport is poor, just one bus (204) operates to the Dorval Interchange (which is not too pleasant after dark) for onward connections to Montréal downtown and suburbs. You could get the train from Gare Dorval to Gare Centrale-Bonaventure also. Usual airport fare as regards departures, nothing out of the ordinary.
sylaf15 03-11-2008 8:47 PM Cramped airport, especially if flights are cancelled. Be prepared for long delays in winter. Parking is expensive. Public transportation is poor. Restaurants areordinary. Driving there is difficult and the roads are confusing, worst when there is traffic. Mirabel was much nicer even though a bit far from City center. Be prepared to walk a long way from gate to gate. Long long long wait for baggages. Lost baggage claim a real joke. My suggestion is to tear it down and go back to Mirabel. Invest in decent roads to access and a good shuttle service.
dutch cheese 11-19-2007 8:14 PM I had my first experience at Elliot Trudeau in november 2007. Due a cancelled flight from KLM to Amsterdam, groundstaff was absolut not capable to handle the stranded passengers. The worst service i have ever experienced. They were with 10 employees, wich of only one was working with the passengers, the others were hanging around watching the whole scene. After 2 hours of waiting and no further updates, we startet to claim for water, wich was so complicated as they had to speak the supervisor about that....As the first older passenger fainted, most likely due the the long standing, they wanted to get active. Still it took them another 40 minutes and several warnings from our side to get 10 small bottles of water for about 100 ppl, asking if this was enough (.....) Realy worse way of dealing with the problem. Finally the got some water for all the other ppl, but again we had to demand for it. One of their own staff told us if I were you i would scream. Finally after 3 hours of waiting they helped about 20 ppl out of the line for a connection flight, we were the lucky last ones. Murphys law arranged then the last struggle as the printer stopped working to print boarding cards....We were so GLAD to leave this airport behind us......
luvtofly 10-28-2007 11:50 PM I'm embarassed to live near this airport. Here's some of the things wrong with it: Road and rail access - they're on their third study of whether there should be a rail link! The infamous Dorval Circle will add many minutes to your commute by road. The taxi drivers are some of the worst in North America, and most of them don't speak English. The immigration line up for incoming flights is horrendous. If coming from the US you will also be walking a long way from your gate. The airport police are a bunch of amateurs - they can't even control the traffic. The washrooms are designed for midgits. There is a very poor choice of restaurants past security, mainly because this is an old airport that they have tried to modernize in a half-assed way.
schultzter 10-2-2007 2:52 PM Montreal is road warriors airport - you want to know where you're going and get in and out as fast possible, preferably with no checked luggage. There's only one public bus, a suburban bus not an express bus, so if you don't have a car your best bet is a taxi.
yulflyer 06-30-2007 5:20 PM This Airport needs to be torn down and moved to Mirabel... WAY too small, including Departure ramp size (2 lanes) . Better airports in Canada are : Vancouver, Calgary where you don't feel like your cattle!
sabrecoach 05-29-2007 2:52 PM Would be better served by a more modern and 24 hour opened airport like Mirabel(YMX) with modern transit and transport facility instead of a shrinked airport like Dorval(YUL)
jlgilman 04-30-2007 1:43 PM Distances from entry to terminal to gates, in MANY cases, require long walks. 10-15 minute walks from security to gate is not uncommon, expecially for international flights. With new terminal (under construction), hopefully this issue will be eliminated.
yul514 01-21-2007 5:54 PM Worse baggage handling in the world. Very slow in getting bags to you. Priority tags? They have no idea what they mean!