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Peppermint123 03-3-2014 5:18 PM The airport staff is VERY NICE here @ YVR. All of them are helpful. I found short lines when I visited in July 2013. Really nice public art and modern check-in kiosks. I even "re-entered" the US while still standing @ YVR, thus avoiding immigration & customs @ SFO! This airport is a short train ride away from central Vancouver, but it's easy to get around and figure things out. Great experience, for an airport!
kennyken 05-8-2013 3:36 AM The worst airport if you are not female or interested in duty-free liquors, tobaccos or perfumes. For public transport, they charge extra $5 airport special fare for tourists on top of the $4 regular subway fare to downtown ($9 for tourists only; locals with passes are waived from the extra fare).
bob.bell100 01-1-2012 4:57 PM YVR is a very conveinient airport with lots of overseas connections to Asia and Europe.
snerzherz 11-14-2011 2:23 AM Based on frequent travel to US, my observation is that YVR has one of the slowest, most inefficient, ineffectual, security screening systems I have ever experienced as a traveller.
mpleb 08-25-2010 1:33 PM Although a pretty airport, I will try to avoid it in the future if possible. The ridiculously long line to clear customs after collecting checked baggage was unbelieveable. The customs line for those leaving the airport moved well but the one for passengers connecting to another city was outrageous and took 2 hours to get through! I almost missed my connecting flight! I don't understand the logic of this bottleneck for connecting passengers and dread going through this again after getting off a long flight from Asia.
firebrand 06-4-2010 10:29 PM I've flown through YVR many times and I find it delightful. The staff are incredibly friendly, the layout is good and I'm never bored when I wait. Baggage claim isn't the fastest, but given that 10 million people fly through the airport each year... it's not so bad. People who claim that customs is a pain, should visit London Heathrow at about 2 pm.. I waited 3 hours... to make a connecting flight (gave myself a lot of time luckily) US Customs agents are no more people-oriented here then at the border and they try very hard to make it seem like their Canadian counterparts are the reason the lines are so long. It's actually because of Billy Bob upfront who doesn't follow carry-on restrictions and Ellie Sue who argues over her desire to bring 2 carry-ons and a purse... and yes, I've seem both these circumstances. If you come prepared, properly packed and act like an adult? You breeze through. Yes, flights arrive at the same time, it happens. But if you're mellow and calm.. you'll be fine. The airport itself if beautiful, with waterfalls, giant tanks of fish and Haida art by some of British Columbia's most well known artisans. The walk to the international departures is longer then some, but YVR was built on an expansive plot of land and there's no need to squeeze gates where they shouldn't go. O'Hare, Heathrow and Trudeau are all airports who could learn a thing or two from YVR. I recall my first flight, I spent some time outside the security gates, roaming the airport killing time prior to my international flight. I bought a coffee and some food, paying with my card and then went through security. No problems... 35 minutes later, with boarding in 10 minutes I found my card missing. I freaked out.. This was not what I needed. So I found a security officer who escorted me to the spots I'd previously visited. Then, instead of making me stand in line, he personally vouched for me, saying I'd been with him the whole time and that I hadn't picked anything up (my suitcases had been left in the security officer area) and that I didn't need to go through security again. I made my flight and he saved my trip (I found my card) so had I had time I would've bought him a beer too :)
travelwerx 04-5-2010 5:21 PM YVR is a beautiful airport and pleasure to arrive at. The long wait for baggage is a serious issue. The international schedules are dominated by Air Canada which is too bad as Air Canada is not the airline it once had. YVR needs more international carriers and better flights to the US east coast. A lot of YVR's issues were resolved after the RCMP taser disaster.
rchilde 03-19-2010 3:46 AM YVR is one of the best true International Airports in North America. The new subway line (the only in Canada) is truly a blessing for the traveler. Be sure to avoid the surcharge going into downtown, and get faresaver tickets at 7-11 in Arrivals. .....
vl77 12-21-2009 8:23 PM One of the best airports in North America
turboflex707 11-24-2009 8:09 PM $18 for parking for 2 hours??? Are you freakin kidding me. My guests are taking taxis from now on. Thanks YVR! Gougers!
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 5:39 AM Boy that survey asked the wrong questions. Landing at Vancouver is great - the views are nice, the airport is beautiful and modern - very cool. The Canadian Immigration Line wasn't the best thing - I came in around midnight and my flight and some Asian Airline had come in 15 minutes before and the lines were brutal. Even though it was late, all the lines were open (none shut because it was late) and I was thinking how bad it would of been if it was busy. Had a great trip and it was time to leave - OH BOY! I hope everyone reads this. If you are flying to the US, get to the airport 3 hours early (and you still may not make it). Luckily the airline agent saw me with a limp (I have a bad leg - paralyzed left foot, so it's legit) and I told the nice agent "no, I don't need any help but thank you", the agent looked at me and said "yes sir, you need my help - let me get you the wheelchair" and he winked. Well, I bought him a beer. The immigration lines (with US immigration officers getting mad at the Canadians for there lack of organization) were INSANE, no that's an understatement - it was worse then insane. I had the handicapped thing going for me - so I went through the whole process. People had been standing for 3 hours waiting to get through security. I live in Miami where the TSA lines are nuts but I have never seen anything like this. I asked the US Immigration Agent why it took so long, he laughed and said "it's Canada, look around". Funny because I had joked with my family that the Maple Leaf should be taken off the flag and replaced with people standing in line. Not to pick on Canada - but if the health care system is run like it's cruise industry and airport - we don't, as a country, need it.
expatcan 06-15-2009 5:55 AM Time it takes to retrieve bags is disgracefully long.
Subload 04-22-2009 9:47 PM The place is run by a bunch of bureaucrats, who think it is a shopping mall or an art gallery. Time and effort to get to and from an airplane is not the best, allow of extra time, but it is a pretty place to visit, parking, food and drinks are expensive. In house American customs for US departures is a Kafkaesque joke. International departures are good.
bobqq 04-8-2009 1:58 AM One of the worst airports in the world, especially for international travel. Expect long endless hallways to get to customs, expect huge lines, slow baggage return, useless domestic transfers, and overall poor quality. If you can avoid this airport you should do so.
dahnyul 03-16-2009 5:37 PM Vancouver Airport Authority is oing a great job of upgrading architecture of an established airport. The international arrivals is a beautiful way to enter Canada.
landmstein 02-1-2009 1:33 AM Beautiful airport to look at; statues, artwork etc. Be prepared for a long walk from your International flight plane to Customs area, nothing like Heathrow, but it seems like an endless rat maze. Also, not the airport you want to deal with if a bit of snow falls. De-icing equipment sub-par at best. New transit train line direct to downtown should make huge improvement for transportation to downtown core when operational (late 2009). Parking when picking up passenger at airport is excellent. **Don't pi55 off YVR airport security or RCMP they are a quick trigger finger Taser happy bunch.**
sylaf15 03-11-2008 8:51 PM Nice airport. Nicer when construction of new terminal finished. Beautiful view. Long walk from international terminal to domestic. Staff could be friendlier...
drralphvigna 01-19-2008 1:08 AM I have travelled extensively and YVR International Airport ranks among the best in the world! Special applaud to friendly staff and volunteers...they do make a difference.
chrismcclennan 01-3-2008 6:58 PM Being this airport is under severe renovations prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics, I suspect I will have to re-rate the architecture and access to public transit the next time I visit.
cantor2537 09-3-2007 12:38 AM Great architecture, good selection of flights, tons of flights to asia. busy but manageable.
oreolee 08-6-2007 3:56 AM This has been one of my favorite airports to travel too so far. The ambiance of the airport really welcomes you into the Pacific Northwest. The customs area is handled very well. Having free Wi-Fi access is a huge plus for me and I wish more airports did the same.
atollardo 02-11-2007 5:51 PM YVR is one of the Best and Friendlist Airports in the World and the Layout is well suited for the ease and confort of the traveling public and the new expansion will make YVR even a greater Airport in the World.