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mgb1aaa 12-31-2012 14:17 only one road in and out, parking is a nightmare and very expensive, $25/ticket airport improvement fee, arriving international passengers have to walk a very long distance to customs control, snarly security staff
focaris 10-29-2012 19:05 Overall a good airport with friendly and helpful people. Effective arrivals process. Convenient rental car location that does not require shuttle buses. Operates reasonably well in bad weather. Transportation has become more difficult with the closing of Barlow Trail. The biggest problem area is departures to the US. There are four lines: (1) boarding pass check (2) US customs (3) passport check (4) security screen. You must get there 90 minutes ahead of time. Hopefully backlogs in this area will be reduced once the new international gates are built.
myownlawyer 11-17-2011 19:51 POOR traffic planning, ALL roads except ONE to the airport are open. Expect 30min+ delays to get to the terminal. POOR layout, AIr Canada and West Jet check in are about 1000m apart - a long way with baggage, at opposite ends of the terminal. Pre-clearing is always backed up to the Departures level... The security is very, very over zealous lately... worse than any US airport-ever! (16/11/2011)
mrkevinholt 06-26-2011 09:01 The US pre-clearing area has not got a lounge and very poor food drink availability. the only lounge is for terminal A (canada internal and some international Europe sceduled flights going from B.
MrLove 04-12-2010 17:22 Wish it had better bars!!!
cgybob 02-10-2010 00:35 They have a no charge parking area for cell phone pickup. This is excellent if you are being picked up as your ride doesn't have to pay for parking. You just call your ride and they pick you up at which ever door you tell them. The short term parking works very well too.
va7jh@hotmail.com 11-6-2009 20:37 A colleage tells me that the airport now has free wifi.
davegallant 10-11-2008 20:44 used yyc often find it an excellent facility. staff very friendly with a down home flavor
robwilson 05-1-2008 19:19 Require alot better services on the US Customs side of the airport - very little choice once you pre-clear US customs!
chrismcclennan 01-3-2008 18:56 For shopping and restaurants, this airport has more variety than Pearson in Toronto. Calgary is a very hospitable city, and the airport itself shows that as soon as you arrive. The only real complaint, for me, is that the city's light rail transit line should connect to it and that would make accessing the downtown core much faster.