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thib99 06-17-2014 8:58 PM as needed
telserv 05-14-2014 11:15 AM The "Skytrain" is difficult to find, and involves a long convoluted walk to move between the two terminals. Avoid flight plans that require changing terminals at YYZ. One of the three terminals has been closed for re-construction for the past twenty years. Hope they finish some year soon.
j-mm 01-8-2014 11:33 PM one of the worst airport I've been through worldwide
Al Marsden 01-5-2014 3:15 PM Consdering that terminal one is new it's a disgrace to the term design. I's been designed for maximum walking and stairclimbing , the old terminal 1 was far vbetter appart from the parking .
kkinsell 12-22-2013 1:04 AM Needs better l signs (restaurants & washrooms) and too much walking Air Canada staff unfriendly to say the least and bordered on hostile
Fraoch 09-9-2013 6:47 PM Horrible airport! Extremely crowded, rude uncaring staff, far from downtown with no easy/economical way to get there. Limited, expensive dining with poor food. TVs blaring from every corner. Baggage handling glacially slow, expect to wait a minimum of 45 minutes. The airport is fairly clean but is designed very generic and does not distinguish itself in looks from other airports. Delays are frequent. On landing, customs locations are usually clear across the terminal.
wakiwd 02-24-2013 7:08 PM Far too much walking required. Very disappointing
YYZ-FRA 01-19-2013 9:55 PM Incredibly clean airport with free WiFi that actually works. US customs pre-clearance is better than going through that mess down in the States. Taxis are honest, but there's no real public transit link to downtown (yet, coming in 2015!). Easy to take for granted, but in Canada people actually line up to get on the plane... civilized.
damienfox 01-19-2013 9:49 PM Great airport, but YYZ needs to grow up a little and become more traveller-friendly in addition to being clean, safe, and functional. Looks like it's happening, step by step, maybe learning a little from Changi and Frankfurt.
jppignol 12-29-2012 7:01 PM The most (outrageously) expensive in term of airport taxes, slowest, poorly managed, remote from city centre airport in the world. There is no consumer service, no information and so poor shopping. Baggage handling is so bad (just see the pack of luggage waiting from previous flights): Expect up to 90 minutes to get yours. To be avoided if possible. Funny that reviews are giving 1/5 and others 5/5. Seems that the airport personal is deeply involved into this unbelievably high rating.
ahdfox 12-23-2012 5:40 PM Always good to come home to. MLL lounge in T1 is pretty good- nice food, comfortable seats. Should do airport tours like FRA!
Celestial Teapot 08-11-2012 9:28 AM Terminal 1 is gorgeous and one of the best in the world.
Jesus_Christ 04-12-2012 6:13 PM Flying here with Air Canada=a day in hell. My flight from JFK to YYZ got delayed two hours and I missed my connecting flight which is okay because the connecting flight got cancelled!!! I later learned that Air Canada has the worst On-Time performance out of the major North American Airlines. To make maters worse I was now trapped in the filthy and crowded YYZ. The employes didn't help and were very rude. People were pushing and shoving it was so crowded. Only one runway was open so flights were getting cancelled left and right. It literally felt like hell. I will never fly to here or Air Canada again.
gesmith10 04-11-2012 4:12 AM terminal 1 is one of the best in world in my opinion -- great architecture, lounges, route network, free wifi everywhere!!
737man 04-3-2012 9:04 PM Toronto Summarized: Expensive, Overcrowded, Dirty, and the people are rude stuck-up rich people who think there cool because they live in a big city
BIGBROWNFLYER 03-29-2012 8:54 PM Love CYYZ!!
ZachLagops 03-24-2012 1:20 PM Toronto sucks.
briyxu 10-3-2011 4:40 AM This is the worst airport have used in a long time. My trip through the Terminal 3 was a disaster from the moment we arrived and had to wait to deplane to the extra half hour waiting for our luggage. On our return trip it did not get any better. I checked in on line and was able to avoid having to do it at the airport, but we still had to check our luggage which was ok. We found that the restaurant selection very limited and very expensive when we finally got our food. The terminal seemed old and dirty and the washrooms were filthy. Overall this airport is horrible and next time I come home, I will use Detroit.
woodlandechoes 06-13-2011 11:27 PM If there is some other airport you can use go there! Try Buffalo New York
EdwardMain 05-8-2011 12:28 AM it's a great place to go!!!
batiste 01-25-2011 2:58 PM This has to be the worst airport in the world. It is hard to believe this is not an airport in a third world country.The staff are the rudest most uncommunicative and most poorly trained of any I have come across. Baggage handling is spectacularly incompetent.
aileenm 01-5-2011 1:05 AM I have travelled by air since 1947 and used many airports,this has got to be one of the worst. It has great pretentions but none seem to work. I want convenience and some degree of comfort while hanging around waiting for a departure. Why did they decide to build this morgue instead of visiting other airports to get some idea of what the travelling public really want? The federal rent charges are usurious but they are no excuse for the lack of any imaginatiion in the choice of food available in this dump. In US airports you can actually board a small jet the normal way but in this climate you are expected to decend a small gangway from the plane and walk out onto the tarmac before entering the building. Who was the idiot that thought this was a good idea? PS I have yet to see the famous artwork having had to use the 'back corridor' to catch the JAZZ flight. This rather uninviting, long dreary and unadorned passage is sometimes the only glimpse passengers on the small planes from the US get to see of this[ STATE OF THE ART AIRPORT] i Flying in and out of Pearson has got to be one of the most unpleasant experiences I have had in a long while. The GTAA mus be one of the worst managements in charge of airports. Air lines pay for services to handicapped passengers but the GTAA does not provide them. I arrived on Sunday around noon and Air Canada had a wheelchair waiting at the plane but the contracted services were not. There should have been a golf cart to take us to the customs area and there was one all ready to go but no operator. Air Canada employees then pushed me the whole length of that hellish airport , passing two other unattended golf carts on the way till we reached customs. They had to return and left me to be pushed by one of the phantom GTAA employees. Nobody turned up for ages so I just pushed the thing to the customs and the customs officer helped me to find my way from there. The signage is very difficult to decipher and the availability of finding anyone to help you is like winning the lottery. It has got to be the most boring place to spend any time. Forget the expensive artwork and concentrate on making the experience a little more user friendly with more variety in the food concessions etc. My first impression of the place is a cross between a morgue and an operating room, S
kwityuryappin 12-11-2010 10:55 PM jus be happy we can actually fly to places without wings
gkeast 10-20-2010 7:40 PM Pearson is among the worst airports in the world for baggage handling. Bags take much longer to arrive on the carousel than in other airports, including airports in developing countries.
mwen 10-19-2010 4:38 AM US customs in termernal 3 is very bad, it took 1 and half hours to wait in the room for the second inspection and caused me missing my flight, the officers there were laughing and drinking coffee and until he/she found out the people missed the flight for sure, they started to review your files.
Ukeychick 09-1-2010 12:17 PM Why do you have to walk miles from anywhere to get to customs and immigration? Security staff are rude and hard to understand.....seating at the airport is awful...no abundance of outlets for electronics. Pick up area outside sucks....there are always cars parked, when they shouldn't be...the staff that are supposed to keep them moving, just amble up and down, not really doing their job...maybe more staff would hep, or a scooter?
dthomson1029 08-30-2010 1:00 PM Obsenely expensive parking, poor selection of restaurants, rude staff, US immigration rarely staffed for the number of people that travel through the terminal. For a major international hub, this is one of the worst.
chriskayTO 02-26-2010 8:33 PM Flown out of and into YYZ many times. The new Terminal 1 is better than terminal 3, but not that much so. Reading some of the previous user comments, and really - they should blame their carriers and not the airport itself, but I digress. The biggest downside to this airport is the less than ideal public transportation link to the city - a bus to the subway - usually overcrowded, late, and surly drivers. Shopping isn't so great as other world airports - limited selection of shops. Terminal 1 edifice itself is gorgeous - beautiful open spaces, public artwork, lots of natural light. I've never had an issue with security here as some others have alluded to. I usually find them fairly friendly and very efficient... unless you're traveling to the US, in which case it's a nightmare, but that is due to US Homeland Security and not the airport.
vl77 12-21-2009 8:19 PM Terminal 1 is ok. Terminal 3 is indeed an ugly old place ... definitely in need of some reno. No free WiFi of course. Slow and very unfriendly security.
darkhannibal007 10-19-2009 9:46 PM Terminal 1 is very nice. Awesome facilities, clean. Never had any problem flying to/from this airport.
Portes 10-10-2009 6:26 PM I use this airport often on my trips out of Canada. The secutiry staff are very unfriendly and uncooperative, if you can understand them. You need to walk miles to get to customs and immigration. However I have never had problems with immigration or customs. Not one of the worlds best airports, I give it a 2.5 out of 5
zsrhusain 09-16-2009 5:35 PM All in all a good airport that is worthy of being in Canada's largest city. The new Terminal 1 is amazing, a lot of attention was paid to passenger comfort and wide open spaces. The elevators are oversized and can easily fit several baggage carts, also many feature doors on both sides so you don't have to turn the cart around in the elevator or exit backwards. The waiting lounges are comfortable. The only gripe I have with the Terminal 1 is that is it is based on a hub and spoke pattern and that there are no shops / restaruants near the gates. There is a train linking both terminals and they are in the process of updating Terminal 3. My only major complaint is: If you want to use your laptop in the waiting lounge make sure you have a fully charged battery / bring a spare one, as on my last trip, I found that the electrical outlets are few and far between and most have been turned off.
kellyoc519 07-17-2009 10:56 AM Great airport - like everything else in Canada, clean, courteous and efficient. Perfect airport for flying out of WNY. Easy to get around
landmstein 02-1-2009 2:39 AM One word... NIGHTMARE. Overcrowded, confusing, rude staff, baggage claim is like a treasure hunt in hell, public transport weak, personal transport (getting out of the parking lot) a joke. I only go to T.O. on business and I love Toronto, hate flying to and from T.O. though.
Burningbush 12-19-2008 8:45 PM As my home airport this is one of the best and easiest airports to get by. I dunno what you guys are talking about but its great friendly staff shops and food I enjoy going to this airport. I do agree with you guys on baggage claim that it is a pain customs is easy to get by and fast. Terminal 1 is great and easy to go thorugh and find your way. As one of the more important airports in North America it's actually better compared to some other airports like ORD and its very nice. But it's expensive aswell.
lucasavaitor 12-4-2008 10:32 PM Terminal 2 has been closed. There are only terminals 1 and 3 in operation, and no tent for the jazz flights. Very nice airport, especially t1
antoni.mazur 10-14-2008 11:15 PM I've flown out/in of Toronto for over 40 years. I LOVED old Terminal 1, but life goes on. New Terminal 1 is as good or better than London Paris Rome Frankfurt Hartsfield Atlanta to name just a few airports I have used frequently. If we could only get back to pre 9/11... Shuttles I loved were the Pan Am shuttle (long gone) in NY and the AC Rapidair YYZ/YUL , awesomely efficient and I could have fdnner with the family, show up 10 minutes before flight time and still board,, be in my hotel roon by 10:30...,, those were the days,
major_dk 07-21-2008 1:42 AM My experience at Toronto airport this weekend was by far... hands down... the worst airport experience i have EVER had in my life. I will never fly into this airport again. I was going to Kelowna and will now use Seattle as a transfer. In a nutshell... I missed my connection to new york ebcause only 1 runway was open due to "weather" and we had to circle until we ran out of fuel and were rerouted. When we finally arrived to Toronto i missed my connecting flight. That was not the bad part. The fact that no one knows anything and they locked our bags in customs until 5:30am and everyone had to figure that out for themselves is amazing. They gave me a "discount" at a horrible roach motel. Then in the morning... they scheduled me for a 6:20 flight and customs only opens at 5:30! 50 minutes to clear US customs and check my bags. Half the people couldnt find their bags. It wasnt a problem with one flight. It was a problem with like 20 flights and everyone is just standing around bewildered sharing horror stories. So in a nutshell... the customs guys were late... and casually strolled in at 5:40am. Had computer issues... and by the time he got to me (i was 3rd in line) it was 6pm and the bags were already on the plane. So they had me run across the airport with my big suitcase. I had to quickly run through customs and security running with my belt on my sholder. I made my flight at the last minute and the plane staff put my suitcase on manually. I have never. EVER. In my life have seen such incompetence. Such lack of attention to customer service. Such disorganization. Such dysfunctional policies. Lack of accountability. And frankly... security was a joke. Complete shame for such a major international hub.
jalabang000 06-3-2008 1:33 PM I disagree with some of the above. Sure, the long walk in arrivals is tiring but it works out any risk of DVT and allows time for baggage to reach the reclaim belts. Have flown through here a number of times and was suitably impressed. Both T1 and T3 were fine, facilities good, modern and clean. Check-in was a breeze in both terminals (no more than 15 minutes wait), and the Tim Horton's franchises a god-send! Security - a little surly but nothing major. Immigration - virtually no issues, usual international queues (20 mins or so) and questions, thwump, there's your entry stamp.
anton123 05-3-2008 10:47 PM The most expensive in the world. I wish we had a choice, here in Toronto.
Ferdfish 03-31-2008 4:25 AM Fabulous Terminal 1 is designed for 10x current volumes. Huge airports require exercise. For overall efficiency it ranks high among the many airports I have visited around the world.
rlafosse 03-16-2008 4:22 PM This is a new terminal. Since its construction simple things like the elevators between levels and the Maple Leaf lounge have been agonizingly slow to traverse floors and sauna like in its HVAC. The bars and restaurants are of a similar blandness and poor quality. They mask under some sort of pseudo-franchise name with the noteable exception of Tim Hortons. Gate changes and customs access require major hikes. The number of washrooms and the actual plumbing count inside is in a surprising low proportion to the number of passengers that use the airport. TV's blare in the waiting areas. There is no place to go for quiet in the whole damn airport.
falcon10156 03-15-2008 10:07 AM Overall a good airport. I have flown out of and into it many times. All airports need improvement to some extent but Pearson is doing well to keep up with peoples needs.
rosss2 02-28-2008 12:27 AM Eat at Tim Horton’s, that’s where all the Canadians go ;) the longest wait for bags i ever experienced. totally inadequate washrooms in the baggage claim area. US customs are rude. We don’t want to live there…..really
flymore 02-15-2008 1:20 AM lost baggage for 7 out of 8 flights. By now, we count on not having our luggage on the other side of Pearson.
GHawk 02-14-2008 8:57 PM New terminal is nice. Signage and directions in all terminals provided little assistance to weary travelers. We were confused trying to find ground transport. No cell phone waiting area or free short term parking. Airport workers were cold and unfriendly. Washrooms, when we finally found them, were filthy. Canada Customs & Immigration staff were courteous, professional and helpful. The droopy Canadian flags on cheap poles made us wonder if there is any national pride. Shameful. I would avoid this airport if there were alternatives.
Normace 01-27-2008 11:44 AM You would expect more from a recently built over priced terminal. Did i mention that Toronto is now the highest or 2nd highest airport to land at? Man, what a waste. It's my home airport and I fly often, and I am sick of it.
chrismcclennan 01-3-2008 6:49 PM As my home airport, perhaps I'm biased, but my only problem is the distance one has to walk from the gates after a flight. Might be good for the exercise and all, but they should have more moving walkways and such.
rajatnaik 11-17-2007 3:06 PM Awesome airport facilities especially New Terminal -1
deknatel 08-1-2007 4:57 PM Signage is amzingly poor for a newly constructed terminal
plahajs 07-9-2007 3:38 PM Taxes and Parking rates are very high
shaun 05-9-2007 4:40 PM pls visit bangkok suvranabhumi international airport this is wat is CALLED a state-of an art airport in the world and is the best airport in the world keep up to it
jlgilman 04-30-2007 2:05 PM If arriving with Air Canada (terminal 1), car rental counters are a long (upwards of 15 minutes from baggage claim area) and confusing route to walk to. If arriving with WestJet Terminal 3), it is only a few minutes from baggage claim. I avoid Air Canada flights into Toronto for this reason alone.
samchina 04-27-2007 8:25 AM Good airport for getting some exercise (sprinting with all your luggage and no cart). Bad airport for trying to make a connecting flight. And when you finish your extensive tour of the entire airport in their slow shuttle you get to deal with the very rude Air Canada staff.
gabrielv 04-5-2007 5:51 PM The walk to the luggage area is too long. Luggage handling at terminal 1 is the worst I have encountered in all my travel. Luggages are late - last time I waited 30 minutes from the moment the plane landed until the first luggage came out, luggage lost on a one leg flight!!!!!!!!!!!,. There are no obvious power outlets in the business lounge!!!! People need to move furniture to plug in their computers.
liambrown 03-14-2007 6:07 PM Great Airport!!!
debrak 03-12-2007 7:13 PM I hate this airport. I hate having to pay for a cart. I hate walking ten miles from the plane to the luggage with no carts. People are treated like garbage at this airport. Why not go to the Dutch airport - Schippol I think it is, and see how it's done.
jz1993 02-26-2007 1:47 AM Great! Fly from/back a lot and have only ever had one problem with the baggage handling. 2/6 bags got lost in and didn't connect to our next flight in London Heathrow which isnt their fault! But what is is that broke a fragile sculpture that had lots of labels on it and was carefully packaged.
kmannella 02-25-2007 12:03 AM May you pray to whatever higher power you believe in when it comes time to collect your luggage! We waited 40 minutes and people from a New York flight said that 1/2 of the luggage from their flight was lost for a period of time and were over 90 minutes getting it. People were exhausted and frustrated, babies were crying, it was awful.
khattaksd 02-3-2007 12:38 AM awesome!
friarboy 01-11-2007 5:36 PM Terminal 2 is indeed a horror show. Terminal 1 is great, unless you have to transfer there from Terminal 2 on the shuttle bus, which somehow has to drive 10 KM to get you there. Some Air Canada Jazz flights to the States actually leave from a tiny outbuilding that you have to be shuttled to, which may be better than the ones you have to walk to from security Fortunately they have signs telling you upfront that there are 330 m to walk before you reach your gate. According to the gate agents, the walk will not improve with the new building.
vonVeezelsnider 01-2-2007 2:21 AM The Most Pitiful Excuse for a Large International Airport I have ever seen, with the notable exception of the new T1, which is nice, but since I fly WestJet, I always get suckered into Terminal 3, which is bad, especially when you have fifteen minutes to connect from C Concourse to the end of the B Pier. That was one heck of a sprint. T3 is really poorly designed, and T2 is even more pitiful, thank goodness it will be ripped down soon.
09flamesfan 12-30-2006 7:49 PM it sucks