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cherry.sameer@gmail.com 01-21-2013 4:46 PM Extremely efficient and beautiful airport.Prone to delays due to snow.Transit is a breeze.Variety of shops selling chocolates.One of the best airports in my opinion.
muscletech78 07-29-2012 6:49 PM Zurich its the BEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!
testa63 11-26-2011 11:02 AM top airport. typical swiss quality work.
Miguel Angel Monta� 03-2-2011 4:11 AM Best Airport so far!
carlostrub 02-4-2011 1:20 PM by far the most convenient airport
mishpaha 04-29-2010 2:17 PM SADISTS!!! Sealed Duty Free purchase from AHAVA (LOVE!!!). they dumped it. I asked about mailing & they just laughed. the advertised airport shops had a big nothing & the gnomes only took cash Euros for snacks. Then there was the camp counselor style manager directing people to just sit while we waited without notice for a delayed flight
martinru 12-4-2009 10:45 PM Zurich is so efficient and well laid out that its still possible to get to the airport less than 45 mins before the flight with your boarding pass in hand and directly board the plane. On a clear day the views of the mountains from the business lounge in Terminal E are to die for. Arrivals are also speedy and with excellent train, tram & bus services its easy to get to the rest of Switzerland easily.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:16 PM Angry Business Traveller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQmMHZ8nyyw
s88su22gloa99s 06-11-2009 5:46 PM It's not terribly good but not too bad either. The interior of the terminals may make you think they're stuck in the 70s. Unfortunately there's not enough displays with flight info so you'll have to be on the lookout. Restrooms can be dirty.
idiotking 04-28-2008 7:37 PM The new midfield international terminal is spiffy, as is the little subway connecting it to the main concourse. The main building is bright, airy, and very very clean. Super-efficient staff and mass transit -- was able to go all the way to downtown Zurich, buy a watch, have a quick lunch, and make it back for my connecting flight in barely 2 hours! Unfortunately, the older terminal used for local and regional flights was a huge let-down. Poorly air-conditioned, no real food or shopping, and worst of all... the horrible mob scene getting onto the busses out to the airplane stands. One would think that the Swiss, if anyone, would have mastered the concept of an orderly line... but alas... Anyhow, if you're flying directly into/out of Zurich using the new midfield concourse, you'll be wowed all the way through. Really top-notch and modern.
paigepersad 03-31-2008 5:16 PM The lounges and walkways are clean and spacious, but the stores are very, very expensive. However, Swiss chocolate is worth any price, in my opinion! My German is atrocious, so I was happy to interact with the English-speaking employees. The bathroom I used was extra-small and didn't have enough room for the six or so women who were waiting, but the stalls were clean.
chrismcclennan 01-3-2008 7:03 PM First comment is that this place is typically Swiss in that not only do all flights seem to be on time, but they even give a count down in the baggage claim as to how long your bags will be from the plane. The building includes a mall and a main train station which makes it very economic if you prefer public transit.
notquitekarpov 09-12-2007 9:33 AM Disappointing considering Swiss standards in other forms of public transport
CRoigk 08-12-2007 9:11 AM The airport is not a nice as the comparable sized airport Copenhagen, but I have seen much worse. Sufficient shops/ restaurants around to shorten the time waiting for coonections, the Swiss lounge is comfortable. The pricings of the articles in the shops are a little on the high side.
vegas005 01-27-2007 4:38 PM New, clean and very expensive.
fieryraider 01-23-2007 6:07 AM International travelers in transit should be aware of the new 'Duty Free' buying policy. You can't carry any liquids bought in other international airports although they have the security seal from the previous airport (JFK). They make you throw everything away. We had to throw $300 worth alcohol bought in JFK duty free while in transit. Plus they have horrible security check personal who have no idea what it means to be courteous. Flew through here once before but after this time never again.