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Top Rated Airports

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Airport Number of Overall
Code Name City Ratings Rating
AQJ King Hussein International Airport Aqaba JO 1    5
AQI Qaisumah Airport Qaisumah SA 1    5
OGL Ogle Airport Georgetown GY 1    5
BSO Basco Airport Basco PH 1    5
INM Innamincka Airport Innamincka, SA AU 1    5
IPE Ipil Airport Ipil PH 1    5
JSR Jessore Airport Jessore BD 1    5
LWB Greenbrier Valley Airport Lewisburg, WV US 1    5
DYG Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport Dayong CN 1    5
LKHB Havlickuv Brod Havlickuv Brod CZ 1    5
IDR Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport Indore IN 1    5
EDFE Egelsbach Airport Egelsbach DE 1    5
MEI Key Field Meridian, MS US 1    5
IGN Maria Cristina Airport Iligan PH 1    5
MBT Masbate Airport Masbate PH 1    5
MBO Mamburao Airport Mamburao PH 1    5
CBG Cambridge Airport Cambridge, EN GB 1    5
BAG Loakan Airport Baguio PH 1    5
MAO Eduardo Gomes International Airport Manaus, AM BR 1    5
BAF Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport Westfield, MA US 1    5
EBL Erbil International Airport Erbil IQ 2    5
KER Kerman Airport Kerman IR 1    5
ACK Nantucket Memorial Airport Nantucket, MA US 1    5
OUL Oulu Airport Oulu FI 1    5
BEL Val De Cans International Airport Belem, PA BR 1    5
MLP Malabang Airport Malabang PH 1    5
MKG Muskegon Airport Muskegon, MI US 1    5
TIR Tirupati Airport Tirupati IN 1    5
ADQ Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport Kodiak, AK US 1    5
AHB Abha Regional Airport Abha SA 1    5
KIT Kithira Airport Kithira GR 1    5
SCVL Las Marias Valdivia CL 1    5
KOI Kirkwall Airport Kirkwall, SC GB 1    5
TTN Trenton-Mercer Airport Trenton, NJ US 2    5
KPD King Of Prussia Airport King of Prussia, PA US 1    5
TUG Tuguegarao Airport Tuguegarao PH 1    5
DTE Camarines Norte Airport Daet PH 1    5
HUY Humberside Airport Humberside, EN GB 1    5
HUX Huatulco Airport Huatulco MX 1    5
VRC Virac Airport Virac PH 1    5
BME Broome Airport Broome, WA AU 1    5
KLO Kalibo International Airport Kalibo PH 3    5
BMV Phung-Duc Airport Banmethuot VN 1    5
FLU Flushing Airport New York, NY US 1    5
BND Bandar Abbas International Airport Bandar Abbas IR 1    5
HOM Homer Airport Homer, AK US 1    5
MSO Missoula International Airport Missoula, MT US 1    5
BOB Motu-mute Airport Bora Bora PF 2    5
ALW Walla Walla Airport Walla Walla, WA US 1    5
MRV Mineralnye Vody Airport Mineralnye Vody RU 1    5