Airports Of The World

(AU) Australia

Airports in Australia:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
ADL Adelaide Airport Adelaide ADL YPAD Show
BNE Brisbane Airport Brisbane BNE YBBN Show
MEL Tullamarine Airport Melbourne MEL YMML Show
PER Perth Airport Perth PER YPPH Show
SYD Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport Sydney SYD YSSY Show

Smaller Scheduled Passenger Airports in Australia:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
ALH Albany Airport Albany ALH YABA Show
ABX Albury Airport Albury ABX YMAY Show
ASP Alice Springs Airport Alice Springs ASP YBAS Show
GYL Argyle Airport Argyle GYL YARG Show
ARM Armidale Airport Armidale ARM YARM Show
AAB Arrabury Airport Arrabury AAB YARY Show
AUU Aurukun Mission Airport Aurukun Mission AUU YAUR Show
AVV Avalon Airport Avalon AVV YMAV Show
AYQ Connellan Airport Ayers Rock AYQ YAYE Show
BNK Ballina Byron Airport Ballina BNK YBNA Show
ABM Bamaga Airport Bamaga ABM YBAM Show
BCI Barcaldine Airport Barcaldine BCI YBAR Show
BYP Barimunya Airport Barimunya BYP YBRY Show
BHS Raglan Airport Bathurst BHS YBTH Show
BRT Bathurst Island Airport Bathurst Island BRT YBTI Show
BEU Bedourie Airport Bedourie BEU YBIE Show
ZBL Biloela Airport Biloela ZBL Show
BVI Birdsville Airport Birdsville BVI YBDV Show
BKQ Blackall Airport Blackall BKQ YBCK Show
BLT Blackwater Airport Blackwater BLT YBTR Show
BFC Bloomfield Airport Bloomfield BFC Show
OCM Boolgeeda Airport Boolgeeda OCM YBGD Show
BQL Boulia Airport Boulia BQL YBOU Show
ZBO Bowen Airport Bowen ZBO YBWN Show
BHQ Broken Hill Airport Broken Hill BHQ YBHI Show
BME Broome Airport Broome BME YBRM Show
BDB Bundaberg Airport Bundaberg BDB YBUD Show
BUC Burketown Airport Burketown BUC YBKT Show
BWT Burnie Wynyard Airport Burnie BWT YBUI Show
BQB Busselton Airport Busselton BQB YBLN Show
CNS Cairns Airport Cairns CNS YBCS Show
CBR Canberra Airport Canberra CBR YSCB Show
CBI Cape Barren Island Airport Cape Barren Island CBI Show
CVQ Carnarvon Airport Carnarvon CVQ YCAR Show
CED Ceduna Airport Ceduna CED YCDU Show
CTL Charleville Airport Charleville CTL YBCV Show
CKW Christmas Creek Mine Airport Christmas Creek Mine CKW Show
CMQ Clermont Airport Clermont CMQ YCMT Show
CNJ Cloncurry Airport Cloncurry CNJ YCCY Show
KFE Fortescue Dave Forrest Airport Cloudbreak KFE YFDF Show
CAZ Cobar Airport Cobar CAZ YCBA Show
CUQ Coen Airport Coen CUQ YCOE Show
CFS Coffs Harbour Airport Coffs Harbour CFS YCFS Show
CPD Coober Pedy Airport Coober Pedy CPD YCBP Show
CTN Cooktown Airport Cooktown CTN YCKN Show
OOL Gold Coast Airport Coolangatta (Gold Coast) OOL YBCG Show
OOM Cooma Airport Cooma OOM YCOM Show
CJF Coondewanna Airport Coondewanna CJF YCWA Show
CMA Cunnamulla Airport Cunnamulla CMA YCMU Show
YCIN RAAF Base Curtin Curtin DCN YCIN Show
DRW Darwin International Airport Darwin DRW YPDN Show
DPO Devonport Airport Devonport DPO YDPO Show
DMD Doomadgee Airport Doomadgee DMD YDMG Show
DBO Dubbo City Regional Airport Dubbo DBO YSDU Show
EDR Edward River Airport Edward River EDR Show
ELC Elcho Island Airport Elcho Island ELC YELD Show
ERQ Elrose Mine Airport Elrose Mine ERQ YESE Show
EMD Emerald Airport Emerald EMD YEML Show
EPR Esperance Airport Esperance EPR YESP Show
FLS Flinders Island Airport Flinders Island FLS YFLI Show
GET Geraldton Airport Geraldton GET YGEL Show
GLT Gladstone Airport Gladstone GLT YGLA Show
GOV Nhulunbuy Airport Gove GOV YPGV Show
GFN Grafton Airport Grafton GFN YGFN Show
GTS Granites Airport Granites GTS Show
GFF Griffith Airport Griffith GFF YGTH Show
GTE Alyangula Airport Groote Island GTE YGTE Show
HLT Hamilton Airport Hamilton HLT YHML Show
HTI Hamilton Island Airport Hamilton Island HTI YBHM Show
HIS Hayman Island Airport Hayman Island HIS YHYN Show
HVB Hervey Bay Airport Hervey Bay HVB YHBA Show
HBA Hobart International Airport Hobart HBA YMHB Show
HID Horn Island Airport Horn Island HID YHID Show
HGD Hughenden Airport Hughenden HGD YHUG Show
JCK Julia Creek Airport Julia Creek JCK YJLC Show
KAX Kalbarri Airport Kalbarri KAX YKBR Show
KGI Kalgoorlie Airport Kalgoorlie KGI YPKG Show
KTA Karratha Airport Karratha KTA YPKA Show
KRB Karumba Airport Karumba KRB YKMD Show
KTR Tindal Airport Katherine KTR YPTN Show
KNS King Island Airport King Island KNS YKII Show
KGC Kingscote Airport Kingscote KGC YKSC Show
KWM Kowanyama Airport Kowanyama KWM YKOW Show
KNX Kununurra Airport Kununurra KNX YPKU Show
LST Launceston Airport Launceston LST YMLT Show
LEA Learmonth Airport Learmonth LEA YPLM Show
LSY Lismore Airport Lismore LSY YLIS Show
IRG Lockhart River Airport Lockhart River IRG YLHR Show
LRE Longreach Airport Longreach LRE YBLR Show
LDH Lord Howe Island Airport Lord Howe Island LDH YLHI Show
MKY Mackay Airport Mackay MKY YBMK Show
MNG Maningrida Airport Maningrida MNG YMGD Show
MBH Maryborough Airport Maryborough MBH YMBU Show
MCV Mcarthur River Airport Mcarthur River MCV YMHU Show
MEB Essendon Airport Melbourne MEB YMEN Show
MIM Merimbula Airport Merimbula MIM YMER Show
MQL Mildura Airport Mildura MQL YMIA Show
WLE Miles Airport Miles WLE Show
MGT Milingimbi Airport Milingimbi MGT YMGB Show
MJK Shark Bay Airport Monkey Mia MJK YSHK Show
MOV Moranbah Airport Moranbah MOV YMRB Show
MRZ Moree Airport Moree MRZ YMOR Show
ONG Mornington Airport Mornington ONG YMTI Show
MYA Moruya Airport Moruya MYA YMRY Show
MGB Mount Gambier Airport Mount Gambier MGB YMTG Show
GPD Mount Gordon Mine Airport Mount Gordon GPD YGON Show
MHU Mount Hotham Mount Hotham MHU Show
ISA Mount Isa Airport Mount Isa ISA YBMA Show
DGE Mudgee Airport Mudgee DGE YMDG Show
NAC Naracoorte Airport Naracoorte NAC YNRC Show
NAA Narrabri Airport Narrabri NAA YNBR Show
NRA Narrandera Airport Narrandera NRA YNAR Show
NTL Newcastle Airport Newcastle NTL YWLM Show
ZNE Newman Airport Newman ZNE YNWM Show
NTN Normanton Airport Normanton NTN YNTN Show
OLP Olympic Dam Airport Olympic Dam OLP YOLD Show
ONS Onslow Airport Onslow ONS YOLW Show
OAG Springhill Airport Orange OAG YORG Show
PMK Palm Island Airport Palm Island PMK Show
PBO Paraburdoo Airport Paraburdoo PBO APPB Show
PKE Parkes Airport Parkes PKE YPKS Show
PUG Port Augusta Airport Port Augusta PUG YPAG Show
PHE Port Hedland International Airport Port Hedland PHE YPPD Show
PLO Port Lincoln Airport Port Lincoln PLO YPLC Show
PQQ Port Macquarie Airport Port Macquarie PQQ YPMQ Show
PTJ Portland Airport Portland PTJ YPOR Show
PPP Whitsunday Coast Airport Proserpine PPP YBPN Show
ULP Quilpie Airport Quilpie ULP YQLP Show
RVT Ravensthorpe Airport Ravensthorpe RVT Show
RCM Richmond Airport Richmond RCM YSRI Show
ROK Rockhampton Airport Rockhampton ROK YBRK Show
RMA Roma Airport Roma RMA YROM Show
SGO St. George Airport Saint George SGO YSGE Show
MCY Sunshine Coast Airport Sunshine Coast MCY YBSU Show
TMW Tamworth Airport Tamworth TMW YSTW Show
TRO Taree Airport Taree TRO YTRE Show
THG Thangool Airport Thangool THG YTNG Show
XTG Thargomindah Airport Thargomindah XTG YTGM Show
TWB Toowoomba Airport Toowoomba TWB YTWB Show
TSV Townsville Airport Townsville TSV YBTL Show
WGA Wagga Wagga Airport Wagga Wagga WGA YSWG Show
WEI Weipa Airport Weipa WEI YBWP Show
WTB Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport Wellcamp WTB Show
YANG West Angelas Airport West Angelas WLP YANG Show
WYA Whyalla Airport Whyalla WYA YWHA Show
WRN Windarling Airport Windarling WRN YWDG Show
WNR Windorah Airport Windorah WNR YWDH Show
WIN Winton Airport Winton WIN YWTN Show

Other Airports in Australia:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
ABG Abingdon Airport Abingdon ABG Show
YPED Edinburgh (Military) Adelaide YPED Show
YPPF Parafield Adelaide YPPF Show
YPEC Aeropelican Aeropelican YPEC Show
AGW Agnew Airport Agnew AGW Show
WSY Whitsunday Airstrip Airlie Beach WSY Show
AXL Alexandria Airport Alexandria AXL Show
ABH Alpha Airport Alpha ABH YAPH Show
AYD Alroy Downs Airport Alroy Downs AYD Show
AWN Alton Downs Airport Alton Downs AWN Show
AMT Amata Airport Amata AMT Show
YAMB RAAF Base Amberley Amberley YAMB Show
RCN American River Airport American River RCN Show
AMX Ammaroo Airport Ammaroo AMX Show
ADO Andamooka Airport Andamooka ADO YAMK Show
ANZ Angus Downs Airport Angus Downs ANZ Show
AYL Anthony Lagoon Airport Anthony Lagoon AYL Show
AXC Aramac Airport Aramac AXC YAMC Show
ARY Ararat Airport Ararat ARY YARA Show
AGY Argyle Downs Airport Argyle Downs AGY Show
YATN Atherton Atherton YATN Show
AUD Augustus Downs Airport Augustus Downs AUD YAGD Show
AWP Austral Downs Airport Austral Downs AWP Show
AVG Auvergne Airport Auvergne AVG Show
AYR Ayr Airport Ayr AYR YAYR Show
BDD Badu Island Airport Badu Island BDD YBAU Show
BSJ Bairnsdale Airport Bairnsdale BSJ YBNS Show
LCN Balcanoona Airport Balcanoona LCN Show
BQW Balgo Hills Airport Balgo Hills BQW YBGO Show
YBLT Ballarat Ballarat YBLT Show
YLLE Ballera Airport Ballera BBL YLLE Show
BZD Balranald Airport Balranald BZD YBRN Show
YBMY Bamyili Bamyili YBMY Show
BYX Baniyala Airport Baniyala BYX Show
BWU Bankstown Airport Bankstown BWU Show
BKP Barkly Downs Airport Barkly Downs BKP Show
BWB Barrow Island Airport Barrow Island BWB YBWX Show
BVW Batavia Downs Airport Batavia Downs BVW Show
BEE Beagle Bay Airport Beagle Bay BEE Show
BDW Bedford Downs Airport Bedford Downs BDW Show
BXF Belburn Airport Belburn BXF Show
BLN Benalla Airport Benalla BLN YBLA Show
BXG Bendigo Airport Bendigo BXG Show
YBDG Bendigo Bendigo YBDG Show
BTX Betoota Airport Betoota BTX YBEO Show
BVZ Beverley Springs Airport Beverley Springs BVZ Show
YBYS Beverley Springs Beverley Springs YBYS Show
BCZ Bickerton Island Airport Bickerton Island BCZ Show
BBE Big Bell Airport Big Bell BBE Show
BIW Billiluna Airport Billiluna BIW Show
YBIR Birchip Birchip YBIR Show
BZP Bizant Airport Bizant BZP Show
GIC Boigu Island Airport Boigu Island GIC YBOI Show
BLS Bollon Airport Bollon BLS YBLL Show
BCK Bolwarra Airport Bolwarra BCK Show
YBOC Booleroo Centre Booleroo Centre Sa Australia YBOC Show
BOX Borroloola Airport Borroloola BOX YBRL Show
BRK Bourke Airport Bourke BRK YBKE Show
BMP Brampton Island Airport Brampton Island BMP YBPI Show
BWQ Brewarrina Airport Brewarrina BWQ YBRW Show
BRJ Bright Airport Bright BRJ Show
BHT Brighton Downs Airport Brighton Downs BHT Show
YBAF Archerfield Airport Brisbane YBAF Show
YBWG Bronzewing Bronzewing Wa Australia YBWG Show
BTD Brunette Downs Airport Brunette Downs BTD Show
BIP Bulimba Airport Bulimba BIP Show
BUY Bunbury Airport Bunbury BUY YBUN Show
YBLN Busselton Busselton Show
CGV Caiguna Airport Caiguna CGV Show
CUD Caloundra Airport Caloundra CUD YCDR Show
CDU Camden Airport Camden CDU YSCN Show
YCMH Camden Haven Camden Haven YCMH Show
CFI Camfield Airport Camfield CFI Show
CML Camooweal Airport Camooweal CML Show
CBY Canobie Airport Canobie CBY Show
CQP Cape Flattery Airport Cape Flattery CQP Show
CRY Carlton Hill Airport Carlton Hill CRY Show
CFP Carpentaria Downs Airport Carpentaria Downs CFP Show
CSI Casino Airport Casino CSI YCAS Show
CTR Cattle Creek Airport Cattle Creek CTR Show
YCNY Century Mine Century Mine YCNY Show
CES Cessnock Airport Cessnock CES YCNK Show
CXT Charters Towers Airport Charters Towers CXT YCHT Show
CBC Cherrabun Airport Cherrabun CBC Show
CRH Cherribah Airport Cherribah CRH Show
LLG Chillagoe Airport Chillagoe LLG YCGO Show
CCL Chinchilla Airport Chinchilla CCL YCCA Show
CXQ Christmas Creek Airport Christmas Creek CXQ Show
CVC Cleve Airport Cleve CVC YCEE Show
CFH Clifton Hills Airport Clifton Hills CFH Show
CZY Cluny Airport Cluny CZY Show
CNC Coconut Island Airport Coconut Island CNC YCCT Show
YCCT Coconut Island Coconut Island Show
XCO Colac Airport Colac XCO Show
CRB Collarenebri Airport Collarenebri CRB YCBR Show
CIE Collie Airport Collie CIE Show
KCE Collinsville Airport Collinsville KCE YCSV Show
CBX Condobolin Airport Condobolin CBX YCDO Show
CDA Cooinda Airport Cooinda CDA YCOO Show
CLH Coolah Airport Coolah CLH YCAH Show
COY Coolawanyah Airport Coolawanyah COY Show
COB Coolibah Airport Coolibah COB Show
COJ Coonabarabran Airport Coonabarabran COJ YCBB Show
CNB Coonamble Airport Coonamble CNB YCNM Show
CRJ Coorabie Airport Coorabie CRJ Show
CMD Cootamundra Airport Cootamundra CMD YCTM Show
ODL Cordillo Downs Airport Cordillo Downs ODL Show
CWW Corowa Airport Corowa CWW YCOR Show
CYG Corryong Airport Corryong CYG YCRG Show
CWR Cowarie Airport Cowarie CWR Show
CCW Cowell Airport Cowell CCW YCWL Show
CWT Cowra Airport Cowra CWT YCWR Show
CSD Cresswell Downs Airport Cresswell Downs CSD Show
CKI Croker Island Airport Croker Island CKI YCKI Show
CDQ Croydon Airport Croydon CDQ YCRY Show
CUG Cudal Airport Cudal CUG Show
YCUA Cudal Cudal YCUA Show
CUY Cue Airport Cue CUY YCUE Show
YCUS Cummins Cummins YCUS Show
YCUN Cunderdin Cunderdin YCUN Show
DBY Dalby Airport Dalby DBY YDAY Show
DGD Dalgaranga Airport Dalgaranga DGD Show
DVR Daly River Airport Daly River DVR Show
DYW Daly Waters Airport Daly Waters DYW Show
NLF Darnley Island Airport Darnley Island NLF YDNI Show
DAJ Dauan Island Airport Dauan Island DAJ Show
DVP Davenport Downs Airport Davenport Downs DVP YDPD Show
DDI Daydream Island Airport Daydream Island DDI YDDI Show
DLV Delissaville Airport Delissaville DLV YDLV Show
DDN Delta Downs Airport Delta Downs DDN YDLT Show
DNM Denham Airport Denham DNM Show
DNQ Deniliquin Airport Deniliquin DNQ YDLQ Show
DRB Derby Airport Derby DRB YDBY Show
DYM Diamantina Lakes Airport Diamantina Lakes DYM Show
DRN Dirranbandi Airport Dirranbandi DRN YDBI Show
DXD Dixie Airport Dixie DXD Show
YDOC Dochra (Military) Dochra YDOC Show
DKV Docker River Airport Docker River DKV YDVR Show
YDOD Donald Donald YDOD Show
DOX Dongara Airport Dongara DOX Show
DNG Doongan Airport Doongan DNG Show
DRD Dorunda Station Airport Dorunda Station DRD Show
DFP Drumduff Airport Drumduff DFP Show
DRY Drysdale River Airport Drysdale River DRY Show
DLK Dulkaninna Airport Dulkaninna DLK Show
DNB Dunbar Airport Dunbar DNB Show
DKI Dunk Island Airport Dunk Island DKI YDKI Show
YDUN Dunwich Airport Dunwich Qld Australia YDUN Show
DHD Durham Downs Airport Durham Downs DHD YDRH Show
DRR Durrie Airport Durrie DRR YDRI Show
DYA Dysart Airport Dysart DYA YDYS Show
ECH Echuca Airport Echuca ECH YECH Show
EIH Einasleigh Airport Einasleigh EIH Show
EKD Elkedra Airport Elkedra EKD Show
ENB Eneabba Airport Eneabba ENB Show
YENO Enoggera Barracks Heliport Enoggera YENO Show
EDD Erlunda Airport Erldunda EDD Show
ERB Ernabella Airport Ernabella ERB YERN Show
YESC Escott Escott YESC Show
ETD Etadunna Airport Etadunna ETD Show
EUC Eucla Airport Eucla EUC Show
YEUO Eulo Eulo YEUO Show
EVD Eva Downs Airport Eva Downs EVD Show
EVH Evans Head Airport Evans Head EVH Show
YEVD Evans Head Evans Head YEVD Show
EXM Exmouth Gulf Airport Exmouth Gulf EXM Show
FLC Falls Creek Airport Falls Creek FLC Show
FIK Finke Airport Finke FIK Show
FLY Finley Airport Finley FLY Show
FIZ Fitzroy Crossing Airport Fitzroy Crossing FIZ YFTZ Show
FVL Flora Valley Airport Flora Valley FVL Show
FRB Forbes Airport Forbes FRB YFBS Show
FOS Forrest Airport Forrest FOS YFRT Show
FVR Forrest River Airport Forrest River FVR Show
FOT Forster Airport Forster FOT Show
FSL Fossil Downs Airport Fossil Downs FSL Show
YFRG Fregon Fregon YFRG Show
JFM Fremantle Heliport Fremantle JFM Show
GBP Gamboola Airport Gamboola GBP Show
YGAD Garden I Garden I YGAD Show
GPN Garden Point Airport Garden Point GPN YGPT Show
GSC Gascoyne Junction Airport Gascoyne Junction GSC Show
GAH Gayndah Airport Gayndah GAH YGAY Show
GEX Geelong Airport Geelong GEX Show
GEE George Town Airport George Town GEE Show
GTT Georgetown Airport Georgetown GTT YGTN Show
GBV Gibb River Airport Gibb River GBV YGIB Show
YGIL Gilgandra Gilgandra YGIL Show
YGIG Gingin Gingin YGIG Show
GLI Glen Innes Airport Glen Innes GLI YGLI Show
GLG Glengyle Airport Glengyle GLG Show
GLM Glenormiston Airport Glenormiston GLM Show
GLY Goldsworthy Airport Goldsworthy GLY Show
YGDA Goodooga Goodooga YGDA Show
YGWA Goolwa Goolwa YGWA Show
GOO Goondiwindi Airport Goondiwindi GOO YGDI Show
GDD Gordon Downs Airport Gordon Downs GDD Show
GOS Gosford Airport Gosford GOS Show
GUL Goulburn Airport Goulburn GUL YGLB Show
GBL Goulburn Island Airport Goulburn Island GBL Show
GKL Great Keppel Island Airport Great Keppel Island GKL Show
GVP Greenvale Airport Greenvale GVP Show
GGD Gregory Downs Airport Gregory Downs GGD YGDS Show
GFE Grenfell Airport Grenfell GFE Show
GUH Gunnedah Airport Gunnedah GUH YGDH Show
GYP Gympie Airport Gympie GYP YGYM Show
YHAA Haasts Bluff Haasts Bluff YHAA Show
HCQ Halls Creek Airport Halls Creek HCQ YHLC Show
HWK Wilpena Pound Airport Hawker HWK Show
HXX Hay Airport Hay HXX YHAY Show
HIP Headingly Airport Headingly HIP Show
HAT Heathlands Airport Heathlands HAT Show
HLV Helenvale Airport Helenvale HLV Show
HRY Henbury Airport Henbury HRY Show
HMG Hermannsburg Airport Hermannsburg HMG YHMB Show
HRN Heron Island Heliport Heron Island HRN Show
HIG Highbury Airport Highbury HIG Show
HLL Hillside Airport Hillside HLL Show
YHLS Hillston Hillston YHLS Show
HNK Hinchinbrooke Island Airport Hinchinbrooke Island HNK Show
YCBG Cambridge Hobart YCBG Show
HIH Hook Island Airport Hook Island HIH Show
HOK Hooker Creek Airport Hooker Creek HOK YHOO Show
HPE Hope Vale Airport Hope Vale HPE Show
HTU Hopetown Airport Hopetown HTU YHPN Show
HSM Horsham Airport Horsham HSM YHSM Show
YHOX Hoxton Park Hoxton Park YHOX Show
HUB Humbert River Airport Humbert River HUB Show
IFF Iffley Airport Iffley IFF YIFY Show
IDK Indulkana Airport Indulkana IDK YIDK Show
IGH Ingham Airport Ingham IGH YIGM Show
INJ Injune Airport Injune INJ YINJ Show
IKP Inkerman Airport Inkerman IKP Show
INM Innamincka Airport Innamincka INM YINN Show
IFL Innisfail Airport Innisfail IFL YIFL Show
IVR Inverell Airport Inverell IVR YIVL Show
IVW Inverway Airport Inverway IVW Show
ISI Isisford Airport Isisford ISI YISF Show
YIVO Ivanhoe Ivanhoe YIVO Show
JAB Jabiru Airport Jabiru JAB YJAB Show
YJAK Jackson Jackson YJAK Show
JAD Jandakot Airport Jandakot JAD YPJT Show
YJBY Jervis Bay (Military) Jervis Bay YJBY Show
YJIN Jindabyne Jindabyne YJIN Show
JUN Jundah Airport Jundah JUN YJDA Show
YJUN Jundee Jundee Wa Australia YJUN Show
JUR Jurien Bay Airport Jurien Bay JUR Show
KFG Kalkurung Airport Kalkurung KFG YKKG Show
KPP Kalpowar Airport Kalpowar KPP Show
UBU Kalumburu Airport Kalumburu UBU Show
YKAL Kalumburu Kalumburu YKAL Show
KDS Kamaran Downs Airport Kamaran Downs KDS Show
KDB Kambalda Airport Kambalda KDB Show
KML Kamileroi Airport Kamileroi KML YKML Show
KNI Katanning Airport Katanning KNI Show
YKAT Katoomba Katoomba YKAT Show
KPS Kempsey Airport Kempsey KPS YKMP Show
KRA Kerang Airport Kerang KRA YKER Show
YKDM Kidman Springs Kidman Springs YKDM Show
YKID Kidston Kidston YKID Show
YIMB Kimba Kimba YIMB Show
KBD Kimberley Downs Airport Kimberley Downs KBD Show
KGY Kingaroy Airport Kingaroy KGY YKRY Show
KBJ King Canyon Airport Kings Canyon KBJ Show
KCS Kings Creek Station Airport Kings Creek Station KCS YKCS Show
KBB Kirkimbie Airport Kirkimbie KBB Show
KOH Koolatah Airport Koolatah KOH Show
KKP Koolburra Airport Koolburra KKP Show
KQB Koonibba Airport Koonibba KQB Show
KUG Kubin Island Airport Kubin Island KUG YKUB Show
KGR Kulgera Airport Kulgera KGR Show
KRD Kurundi Airport Kurundi KRD Show
LYT Lady Elliot Island Airport Lady Elliot Island LYT Show
YLCG Lake Cargelligo Lake Cargelligo YLCG Show
LEL Lake Evella Airport Lake Evella LEL YLEV Show
LGE Lake Gregory Airport Lake Gregory LGE Show
LNH Lake Nash Airport Lake Nash LNH Show
LFP Lakefield Airport Lakefield LFP Show
LKD Lakeland Downs Airport Lakeland Downs LKD Show
LDW Lansdowne Airport Lansdowne LDW Show
LTB Latrobe Airport Latrobe LTB Show
YLTV Latrobe Valley Latrobe Valley YLTV Show
LUU Laura Airport Laura LUU Show
LUT Laura Station Airport Laura Station LUT Show
YLVK Lavarack Lavarack YLVK Show
LVO Laverton Airport Laverton LVO YLTN Show
YLVT Laverton (Military) Laverton YLVT Show
LWH Lawn Hill Airport Lawn Hill LWH YLAH Show
LGH Leigh Creek Airport Leigh Creek LGH YLEC Show
LER Leinster Airport Leinster LER YLST Show
YLEG Leongatha Leongatha YLEG Show
LNO Leonora Airport Leonora LNO YLEO Show
LHG Lightning Ridge Airport Lightning Ridge LHG YLRD Show
YLIL Lilydale Lilydale YLIL Show
LIB Limbunya Airport Limbunya LIB Show
LLP Linda Downs Airport Linda Downs LLP Show
LDC Lindeman Island Airport Lindeman Island LDC Show
LLL Lissadell Airport Lissadell LLL Show
LZR Lizard Island Airport Lizard Island LZR YLZI Show
LOC Lock Airport Lock LOC Show
YLCS Locksley Field Locksley Field YLCS Show
HAP Long Island Seaplane Base Long Island HAP Show
LOA Lorraine Airport Lorraine LOA YLOR Show
LTV Lotusvale Airport Lotusvale LTV Show
YLOX Loxton Loxton YLOX Show
YSHW Holsworthy Army Airfield Luscombe YSHW Show
LTP Lyndhurst Airport Lyndhurst LTP Show
UBB Mabuiag Island Airport Mabuiag Island UBB YMAA Show
MNW Macdonald Downs Airport Macdonald Downs MNW Show
MVH Macksville Airport Macksville MVH Show
MIZ Mainoru Airport Mainoru MIZ Show
MTL Maitland Airport Maitland MTL YMND Show
XMC Mallacoota Airport Mallacoota XMC YMCO Show
MQA Mandora Airport Mandora MQA Show
YMNG Mangalore Mangalore YMNG Show
MJP Manjimup Airport Manjimup MJP YMJM Show
MFP Manners Creek Airport Manners Creek MFP Show
MBB Marble Bar Airport Marble Bar MBB YMBL Show
MRG Mareeba Airport Mareeba MRG YMBA Show
MQZ Margaret River Airport Margaret River MQZ Show
YMGT Margaret River Margaret River YMGT Show
MGV Margaret River Station Airport Margaret River Station MGV YMGR Show
MXD Marion Downs Airport Marion Downs MXD Show
MRP Marla Airport Marla MRP YALA Show
MQE Marqua Airport Marqua MQE Show
RRE Marree Airport Marree RRE YMRE Show
MKR Meekatharra Airport Meekatharra MKR YMEK Show
KAH Melbourne City Heliport Melbourne KAH Show
MLV Merluna Airport Merluna MLV Show
RTY Merty Airport Merty RTY Show
MMM Middlemount Airport Middlemount MMM YMMU Show
YMLS Miles Miles YMLS Show
MLR Millicent Airport Millicent MLR YMCT Show
MRL Miners Lake Airport Miners Lake MRL Show
YMIJ Minjilang Minjilang YMIJ Show
XML Minlaton Airport Minlaton XML Show
MIN Minnipa Airport Minnipa MIN YMPA Show
MWY Miranda Downs Airport Miranda Downs MWY Show
MTQ Mitchell Airport Mitchell MTQ YMIT Show
MIH Mitchell Plateau Airport Mitchell Plateau MIH Show
MXQ Mitchell River Airport Mitchell River MXQ Show
ONR Monkira Airport Monkira ONR YMNK Show
MNQ Monto Airport Monto MNQ YMTO Show
MWT Moolawatana Airport Moolawatana MWT Show
MOO Moomba Airport Moomba MOO YOOM Show
MBW Moorabbin Airport Moorabbin MBW YMMB Show
OOR Mooraberree Airport Mooraberree OOR Show
MWB Morawa Airport Morawa MWB YMRW Show
MET Moreton Airport Moreton MET Show
OXY Morney Airport Morney OXY YMNY Show
MRT Moroak Airport Moroak MRT Show
MBN Mt. Barnett Airport Mount Barnett MBN Show
MBF Mount Buffalo Airport Mount Buffalo MBF Show
MKV Mt. Cavenagh Airport Mount Cavenagh MKV Show
YMCL Mount Coolon Mount Coolon YMCL Show
MFL Mount Full Stop Airport Mount Full Stop MFL Show
GSN Mount Gunson Airport Mount Gunson GSN Show
MHO Mount House Airport Mount House MHO YMHO Show
YMHW Mount Howitt Mount Howitt YMHW Show
WME Mount Keith Airport Mount Keith WME Show
MMG Mount Magnet Airport Mount Magnet MMG YMOG Show
MTD Mount Sanford Airport Mount Sanford MTD Show
MSF Mount Swan Airport Mount Swan MSF Show
MNV Mountain Valley Airport Mountain Valley MNV Show
YMOU Moura Moura YMOU Show
YHOT Mt Hotham Mt Hotham YHOT Show
YMNE Mt. Keith Mt. Keith YMNE Show
MUQ Muccan Airport Muccan MUQ Show
MUP Mulga Park Airport Mulga Park MUP Show
MVK Mulka Airport Mulka MVK Show
MXU Mullewa Airport Mullewa MXU YMWA Show
YMDA Mundubbera Mundubbera YMDA Show
MNE Mungerannie Airport Mungerannie MNE Show
YMGI Mungindi Mungindi YMGI Show
YMBD Murray Bridge Murray Bridge YMBD Show
MYI Murray Island Airport Murray Island MYI Show
YMMI Murrin Murrin Airport Murrin Murrin WUI YMMI Show
MVU Musgrave Airport Musgrave MVU Show
UTB Muttaburra Airport Muttaburra UTB YMTB Show
MYO Myroodah Airport Myroodah MYO Show
NBR Nambour Airport Nambour NBR Show
NBH Nambucca Heads Airport Nambucca Heads NBH Show
NMR Nappamerry Airport Nappamerry NMR YNAP Show
NPP Napperby Airport Napperby NPP Show
NRG Narrogin Airport Narrogin NRG Show
QRM Narromine Narromine QRM YNRM Show
NMP New Moon Airport New Moon NMP Show
BEO Belmont Airport Newcastle BEO Show
NRY Newry Airport Newry NRY Show
RPM Ngukurr Airport Ngukurr RPM YNGU Show
YNHL Nhill Nhill YNHL Show
NLS Nicholson Airport Nicholson NLS Show
NIF Nifty Airport Nifty NIF Show
NKB Noonkanbah Airport Noonkanbah NKB Show
NSA Noosa Airport Noosa NSA Show
NSV Noosa Airport Noosaville NSV Show
NSM Norseman Airport Norseman NSM YNSM Show
YNTM Northam Northam YNTM Show
NOA Nowra Airport Nowra NOA YSNW Show
NLL Nullagine Airport Nullagine NLL YNUL Show
NUR Nullarbor Airport Nullarbor NUR Show
YNUB Nullarbor Motel Nullarbor Motel YNUB Show
NUB Numbulwar Airport Numbulwar NUB YNUM Show
UTD Nutwood Downs Airport Nutwood Downs UTD Show
NYN Nyngan Airport Nyngan NYN YNYN Show
OKY Oakey Airport Oakey OKY YBOK Show
OBA Oban Airport Oban OBA Show
OPI Oenpelli Airport Oenpelli OPI YOEN Show
ODD Oodnadatta Airport Oodnadatta ODD YOOD Show
RBS Orbost Airport Orbost RBS YORB Show
OKB Fraser Island Airport Orchid Beach OKB Show
ODR Ord River Airport Ord River ODR Show
OXO Orientos Airport Orientos OXO Show
ORS Waterport Airport Orpheus ORS Show
OYN Ouyen Airport Ouyen OYN Show
YPAM Palm Island Palm Island YPAM Show
PDE Pandie Pandie Airport Pandie Pandie PDE Show
YPAY Papunya Papunya YPAY Show
PRD Pardoo Airport Pardoo PRD Show
PDN Parndana Airport Parndana PDN Show
YPEA Pearce (Military) Pearce YPEA Show
PEA Penneshaw Airport Penneshaw PEA Show
PEY Penong Airport Penong PEY Show
PBY Hamilton/Prosperine Airport Peppers Palm Bay (Island Resort) PBY Show
PEP Peppimenarti Airport Peppimenarti PEP Show
YPID Phillip I Ala Phillip I (Newhaven) YPID Show
YMPC Point Cook Point Cook YMPC Show
YPCE Pooncarie Pooncarie YPCE Show
YPMP Pormpuraaw Pormpuraaw YPMP Show
PTI Port Douglas Airport Port Douglas PTI Show
PHJ Port Hunter Airport Port Hunter PHJ Show
PKT Port Keats Airport Port Keats PKT YPKT Show
PPI Port Pirie Airport Port Pirie PPI YPIR Show
PTE Port Stephens Airport Port Stephens PTE Show
YPKL Puckapunyal (Military) Puckapunyal YPKL Show
UEE Queenstown Airport Queenstown UEE Show
YQNS Queenstown Queenstown YQNS Show
UIR Quirindi Airport Quirindi UIR YQDI Show
RAM Ramingining Airport Ramingining RAM YRNG Show
YRED Redcliffe Airport Redcliffe YRED Show
RMK Renmark Airport Renmark RMK YREN Show
XRH Richmond Air Force Base Richmond XRH Show
ROH Robinhood Airport Robinhood ROH Show
RRV Robinson River Airport Robinson River RRV Show
RBC Robinvale Airport Robinvale RBC YROI Show
RDA Rockhampton Downs Airport Rockhampton Downs RDA Show
RBU Roebourne Airport Roebourne RBU Show
RKY Rokeby Airport Rokeby RKY Show
RPB Roper Bar Airport Roper Bar RPB Show
RPV Roper Valley Airport Roper Valley RPV Show
RSB Roseberth Airport Roseberth RSB YRSB Show
RLP Rosella Plains Airport Rosella Plains RLP Show
RTS Rottnest Island Airport Rottnest Island RTS YRTI Show
RHL Roy Hill Airport Roy Hill RHL Show
RTP Rutland Plains Airport Rutland Plains RTP YRTP Show
SBR Saibai Island Airport Saibai Island SBR YSLI Show
YSTA Saint Arnaud Saint Arnaud YSTA Show
HLS St. Helens Airport Saint Helens HLS YSTH Show
SVM St. Paul's Mission Airport Saint Paul's Mission SVM Show
SXE Sale Airport Sale SXE YMES Show
SRM Sandringham Airport Sandringham SRM Show
NDS Sandstone Airport Sandstone NDS Show
YBSG Scherger Scherger Qld Australia YBSG Show
NSO Scone Airport Scone NSO YSCO Show
YSLK Sea Lake Sea Lake YSLK Show
YSEN Serpentine Serpentine YSEN Show
SWB Shaw River Airport Shaw River SWB Show
SGP Shay Gap Airport Shay Gap SGP Show
SHT Shepparton Airport Shepparton SHT YSHT Show
JHQ Shute Harbour Heliport Shute Harbour JHQ Show
SSP Silver Planes Airport Silver Planes SSP Show
SIX Singleton Airport Singleton SIX Show
SHU Smith Point Airport Smith Point SHU Show
SIO Smithton Airport Smithton SIO YSMI Show
SNB Snake Bay Airport Snake Bay SNB YSNB Show
ZGL South Galway Airport South Galway ZGL YSGW Show
YGBI South Goulburn I South Goulburn I YGBI Show
SOI South Molle Island Airport South Molle Island SOI YSML Show
SQC Southern Cross Airport Southern Cross SQC YSCR Show
SHQ Southport Airport Southport SHQ Show
YSPT Southport Southport YSPT Show
SCG Spring Creek Airport Spring Creek SCG Show
KSV Springvale Airport Springvale KSV Show
ZVG Springvale Airport Springvale ZVG Show
SNH Stanthorpe Airport Stanthorpe SNH YSPE Show
SQP Starcke Airport Starcke SQP Show
SWC Stawell Airport Stawell SWC YSWL Show
STF Stephen Island Stephen Island STF Show
YSTO Stonehenge Stonehenge YSTO Show
SRN Strahan Airport Strahan SRN YSRN Show
STH Strathmore Airport Strathmore STH Show
KBY Streaky Bay Airport Streaky Bay KBY YKBY Show
SSK Sturt Creek Airport Sturt Creek SSK Show
SYU Warraber Island Airport Sue Island SYU Show
SFP Surfers Paradise Airport Surfers Paradise SFP Show
SWH Swan Hill Airport Swan Hill SWH YSWH Show
LBH Palm Beach Sea Plane Base Sydney LBH Show
RSE Au-Rose Bay Airport Sydney RSE Show
SWZ Sydney West Airport Sydney SWZ Show
YSBK Bankstown Sydney YSBK Show
TBL Tableland Airport Tableland TBL Show
YTMN Tanami Tanami YTMN Show
TXR Tanbar Airport Tanbar TXR Show
TAN Tangalooma Airport Tangalooma TAN Show
XTR Tara Airport Tara XTR YTAA Show
TAQ Tarcoola Airport Tarcoola TAQ Show
XTO Taroom Airport Taroom XTO YTAM Show
TEF Telfer Airport Telfer TEF YTEF Show
TEM Temora Airport Temora TEM YTEM Show
TCA Tennant Creek Airport Tennant Creek TCA YTNK Show
TWN Tewantin Airport Tewantin TWN Show
YTMO The Monument Airport The Monument PHQ YTMO Show
TDN Theda Station Airport Theda TDN Show
TDR Theodore Airport Theodore TDR YTDR Show
TIS Thursday Island Airport Thursday Island TIS YTUD Show
TYG Thylungra Airport Thylungra TYG Show
TYB Tibooburra Airport Tibooburra TYB YTIB Show
TBK Timber Creek Airport Timber Creek TBK YTBR Show
TYP Tobermorey Airport Tobermorey TYP Show
TCW Tocumwal Airport Tocumwal TCW YTOC Show
TPR Tom Price Airport Tom Price TPR YTMP Show
YTKS Toorak Research Station Tooral Research Station YTKS Show
YTWN Tooraweenah Tooraweenah YTWN Show
TWP Torwood Airport Torwood TWP Show
YTOT Tottenham Tottenham YTOT Show
TGN La Trobe Regional Airport Traralgon TGN Show
YTEE Trepell Airport Trepell TQP YTEE Show
YTTI Troughton I Troughton I YTTI Show
YTST Truscott Truscott YTST Show
YTBB Tumby Bay Tumby Bay YTBB Show
TUM Tumut Airport Tumut TUM YTMU Show
TKY Turkey Creek Airport Turkey Creek TKY Show
UDA Undarra Airport Undarra UDA Show
USL Useless Loop Airport Useless Loop USL Show
VNR Vanrook Airport Vanrook VNR Show
VCD Victoria River Downs Airport Victoria River Downs VCD YVRD Show
YWKI Waikerie Waikerie YWKI Show
WLC Walcha Airport Walcha WLC Show
WGE Walgett Airport Walgett WGE YWLG Show
WLA Wallal Downs Airport Wallal Downs WLA Show
WGT Wangaratta Airport Wangaratta WGT YWGT Show
YWBR Warburton Range Warburton Range YWBR Show
YWBI Warrabri Warrabri YWBI Show
WKB Warracknabeal Airport Warracknabeal WKB YWKB Show
WRW Warrawagine Airport Warrawagine WRW Show
QRR Warren Warren QRR YWRN Show
WMB Warrnambool Airport Warrnambool WMB YWBL Show
WAZ Warwick Airport Warwick WAZ Show
YWCK Warwick Warwick YWCK Show
WLO Waterloo Airport Waterloo WLO Show
YWSG Watts Bridge Watts Bridge YWSG Show
WAU Wauchope Airport Wauchope WAU Show
WAV Kalkgurung Airport Wave Hill WAV YWAV Show
WAN Waverney Airport Waverney WAN Show
WEW Wee Waa Airport Wee Waa WEW YWWA Show
WHL Welshpool Airport Welshpool WHL Show
YWSL West Sale West Sale YWSL Show
WWY West Wyalong Airport West Wyalong WWY YWWL Show
YWHC White Cliffs White Cliffs YWHC Show
WIO Wilcannia Airport Wilcannia WIO YWCA Show
YWIS Williamson Williamson YWIS Show
WUN Wiluna Airport Wiluna WUN YWLU Show
WND Windarra Airport Windarra WND Show
WIT Wittenoom Airport Wittenoom WIT Show
WLL Wollogorand Airport Wollogorand WLL Show
WOL Wollongong Airport Wollongong WOL YWOL Show
WDI Wondai Airport Wondai WDI YWND Show
WON Wondoola Airport Wondoola WON Show
WOG Woodgreen Airport Woodgreen WOG Show
WWI Woodie Woodie Airport Woodie Woodie WWI Show
UMR Woomera Airport Woomera UMR YPWR Show
WPK Wrotham Park Airport Wrotham Park WPK Show
WUD Wudinna Airport Wudinna WUD YWUD Show
YWYA Wyandra Wyandra YWYA Show
YWYF Wycheproof Wycheproof YWYF Show
WYN Wyndham Airport Wyndham WYN YWYM Show
YWYY Wynyard Wynyard YWYY Show
KYI Yalata Mission Airport Yalata Mission KYI Show
YLG Yalgoo Airport Yalgoo YLG Show
XMY Yam Island Airport Yam Island XMY YYMI Show
YNN Yandi Airport Yandicoogina YNN Show
YYRM Yarram Yarram YYRM Show
KYF Yeelirrie Airport Yeelirrie KYF Show
OKR Yorke Island Airport Yorke Island OKR YYKI Show
ORR Yorktown Airport Yorktown ORR Show
NGA Young Airport Young NGA YYNG Show
YUE Yuendumu Airport Yuendumu YUE YYND Show