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(BF) Burkina Faso

Smaller Scheduled Passenger Airports in Burkina Faso:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
BOY Borgo Airport Bobo Dioulasso BOY DFOO Show
OUA Ouagadougou Airport Ouagadougou OUA DFFD Show

Other Airports in Burkina Faso:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
XAR Aribinda Airport Aribinda XAR DFOY Show
DFER Arli Arli DFER Show
ARL Arly Airport Arly ARL Show
BNR Banfora Airport Banfora BNR DFOB Show
XBG Bogande Airport Bogande XBG DFEB Show
XBO Boulsa Airport Boulsa XBO Show
DGU Dedougou Airport Dedougou DGU DFOD Show
DIP Diapaga Airport Diapaga DIP Show
XDE Diebougou Airport Diebougou XDE DFOU Show
XDJ Djibo Airport Djibo XDJ DFCJ Show
DOR Dori Airport Dori DOR DFEE Show
FNG Fada Ngourma Airport Fada Ngourma FNG DFEF Show
XGA Gaoua Airport Gaoua XGA DFOG Show
XGG Gorum-Gorum Airport Gorom-Gorom XGG DFEG Show
DFOH Hounde Hounde DFOH Show
XKA Kantchari Airport Kantchari XKA DFEL Show
XKY Kaya Airport Kaya XKY Show
DFCK Koudougou Koudougou DFCK Show
XLU Leo Airport Leo XLU Show
DFOL Loumana Loumana DFOL Show
XNU Nouna Airport Nouna XNU DFON Show
DFOR Orodara Orodara DFOR Show
OUG Ouahigouya Airport Ouahigouya OUG DFCC Show
XPA Pama Airport Pama XPA DFEP Show
PUP Po Airport Po PUP Show
DFOF Safane Safane DFOF Show
XSE Sebba Airport Sebba XSE DFES Show
TMQ Tambao Airport Tambao TMQ Show
TEG Tenkodogo Airport Tenkodogo TEG DFET Show
TUQ Tougan Airport Tougan TUQ DFOT Show
XZA Zabre Airport Zabre XZA Show