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(CG) Congo

Smaller Scheduled Passenger Airports in Congo:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
BZV Maya Maya Airport Brazzaville BZV FCBB Show
OLL Oyo Ollombo Airport Oyo OLL Show
PNR Pointe Noire Airport Pointe Noire PNR FCPP Show

Other Airports in Congo:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
FCBU Aubeville Aubeville FCBU Show
FCPB Bangamba Bangamba FCPB Show
BTB Betou Airport Betou BTB FCOT Show
BOE Boundji Airport Boundji BOE FCOB Show
DJM Djambala Airport Djambala DJM FCBD Show
EPN Epena Airport Epena EPN Show
EWO Ewo Airport Ewo EWO FCOE Show
GMM Gamboma Airport Gamboma GMM Show
ION Impfondo Airport Impfondo ION FCOI Show
FCMK Kibangou Kele FCMK Show
KEE Kelle Airport Kelle KEE FCOK Show
FCPG Kibangou Kibangou FCPG Show
KNJ Kindamba Airport Kindamba KNJ FCBK Show
LCO Lague Airport Lague LCO FCBL Show
FCPE Leganda Leganda FCPE Show
LKC Lekana Airport Lekana LKC Show
DIS Loubomo Airport Loubomo DIS FCPL Show
FCBT Loutete Loutete FCBT Show
KMK Makabana Airport Makabana KMK FCPA Show
MKJ Makoua Airport Makoua MKJ FCOM Show
FCMA Mavinza Mavinza FCMA Show
FCMY Legala Mayoko FCMY Show
MSX Mossendjo Airport Mossendjo MSX FCMM Show
MUY Mouyondzi Airport Mouyondzi MUY FCBM Show
NKY Nkayi Airport Nkayi NKY FCBY Show
FCPN Noumbi Noumbi FCPN Show
OKG Okoyo Airport Okoyo OKG Show
OUE Ouesso Airport Ouesso OUE FCOU Show
FTX Owando Airport Owando FTX FCOO Show
SIB Sibiti Airport Sibiti SIB FCBS Show
SOE Souanke Airport Souanke SOE FCOS Show
FCMD Sidetra Vouka FCMD Show
FCMO Mandoro Vouka FCMO Show
FCPI Loubetsi Vounda FCPI Show
ANJ Zanaga Airport Zanaga ANJ FCBZ Show