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(CZ) Czech Republic

Airports in Czech Republic:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
PRG Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Prague PRG LKPR Show

Smaller Scheduled Passenger Airports in Czech Republic:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
BRQ Turany Airport Brno BRQ LKTB Show
KLV Karlovy Vary Airport Karlovy Vary KLV LKKV Show
OSR Mosnov Airport Ostrava OSR LKMT Show
PED Pardubice Airport Pardubice PED LKPD Show
PRV Prerov Airport Prerov PRV Show

Other Airports in Czech Republic:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
LKBE Benesov Benesov LKBE Show
LKBA Breclav Breclav LKBA Show
ZDN Brno Bus Service Brno ZDN Show
LKBR Broumov Broumov LKBR Show
LKBU Bubovice Airport Bubovice LKBU Show
LKCE Ceska Lipa Ceska Lipa LKCE Show
LKCH Chomutov Chomutov LKCH Show
LKCT Chotebor Chotebor LKCT Show
LKCR Chrudim Chrudim LKCR Show
LKDK Dvur Kralove Dvur Kralove LKDK Show
LKHB Havlickuv Brod Havlickuv Brod LKHB Show
LKHD Hodkovice Hodkovice LKHD Show
LKHS Hosin Hosin LKHS Show
LKHK Hradec Kralove Hradec Kralove LKHK Show
LKHN Hranice Hranice LKHN Show
LKJA Jaromer Jaromer LKJA Show
LKJC Jicin Jicin LKJC Show
LKJI Jihlava Jihlava LKJI Show
LKJH Jindrichuv Hradec Jindrichuv Hradec LKJH Show
LKKL Kladno Kladno LKKL Show
LKKT Klatovy Klatovy LKKT Show
LKKO Kolin Kolin LKKO Show
LKKA Krizanov Krizanov LKKA Show
LKKR Krnov Krnov LKKR Show
LKKY Kyjov Kyjov LKKY Show
LKPL Letkov Letkov LKPL Show
LKLT Letnany Letnany LKLT Show
LKLN Line Line LKLN Show
MKA Marianske Lazne Airport Marianske Lazne MKA LKMR Show
LKCM Medlanky Medlanky LKCM Show
LKMI Mikulovice Mikulovice LKMI Show
LKMH Mnichovo Hradiste Mnichovo Hradiste LKMH Show
LKMK Moravska Trebova Moravska Trebova LKMK Show
LKMO Most Most LKMO Show
LKNM Nove Mesto Nove Mesto LKNM Show
OLO Olomouc Airport Olomouc OLO Show
LKOT Otrokovice Otrokovice LKOT Show
LKPS Plasy Plasy LKPS Show
LKPN Podhorany Podhorany LKPN Show
LKPM Pribram Pribram LKPM Show
LKPI Pribyslav Pribyslav LKPI Show
LKPJ Prostejov Prostejov LKPJ Show
LKRK Rakovnik Rakovnik LKRK Show
LKRA Rana U Loun Rana U Loun LKRA Show
LKRO Roudnice Roudnice LKRO Show
LKSZ Sazena Sazena LKSZ Show
LKSK Skutec Skutec LKSK Show
LKSO Sobeslav Sobeslav LKSO Show
LKSA Stankov Stankov LKSA Show
LKST Strakonice Strakonice LKST Show
LKSR Strunkovice Strunkovice LKSR Show
LKSU Sumperk Sumperk LKSU Show
LKTA Tabor Tabor LKTA Show
LKTC Tocna Tocna LKTC Show
LKTO Touzim Touzim LKTO Show
UHE Uherske Hradiste Airport Uherske Hradiste UHE LKKU Show
LKUO Usti Nad Orlici Usti Nad Orlici LKUO Show
LKVP Velke Porici Velke Porici LKVP Show
LKVL Vlasim Vlasim LKVL Show
LKVO Vodochody Vodochody LKVO Show
LKVR Vrchlabi Vrchlabi LKVR Show
LKVY Vyskov Vyskov LKVY Show
LKVM Vysoke Myto Vysoke Myto LKVM Show
LKZA Zabreh Zabreh LKZA Show
ZBE Dolni Benesov Airport Zabreh ZBE Show
LKZB Zbraslavice Zbraslavice LKZB Show
GTW Holesov Airport Zlin GTW LKHO Show