Airports Of The World

(PG) Papua New Guinea

Smaller Scheduled Passenger Airports in Papua New Guinea:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
GUR Gurney Airport Alotau GUR Show
ADC Andakombe Airport Andakombe ADC Show
AWB Awaba Airport Awaba AWB Show
OPU Balimo Airport Balimo OPU Show
BUA Buka Airport Buka BUA Show
BUL Bulolo Airport Bulolo BUL Show
DAU Daru Airport Daru DAU Show
GKA Goroka Airport Goroka GKA AYGA Show
HNN Honinabi Airport Honinabi HNN Show
HKN Hoskins Airport Hoskins HKN Show
KVG Kavieng Airport Kavieng KVG Show
KMA Kerema Airport Kerema KMA Show
UNG Kiunga Airport Kiunga UNG Show
KKD Kokoda Airport Kokoda KKD Show
CMU Chimbu Airport Kundiawa CMU Show
LAE Nadzab Airport Lae LAE AYNZ Show
LMY Lake Murray Airport Lake Murray LMY Show
LNV Lihir Island Airport Lihir Island LNV Show
LSA Losuia Airport Losuia LSA Show
MAG Madang Airport Madang MAG AYMD Show
MAS Momote Airport Manus Island MAS Show
MDU Mendi Airport Mendi MDU Show
MIS Misima Island Airport Misima Island MIS Show
MXH Moro Airport Moro MXH Show
HGU Mount Hagen Airport Mount Hagen HGU AYMH Show
ATN Namatanai Airport Namatanai ATN Show
OBX Obo Airport Obo OBX Show
PNP Girua Airport Popondetta PNP Show
POM Jacksons International Airport Port Moresby POM AYPY Show
RAB Tokua Airport Rabaul RAB AYRB Show
SGK Sangapi Airport Sangapi SGK Show
SKC Suki Airport Suki SKC Show
TBG Tabubil Airport Tabubil TBG Show
TPI Tapini Airport Tapini TPI Show
TIZ Tari Airport Tari TIZ Show
TFI Tufi Airport Tufi TFI Show
VAI Vanimo Airport Vanimo VAI Show
AGL Wanigela Airport Wanigela AGL Show
WBM Wapenamanda Airport Wapenamanda WBM Show
WWK Boram Airport Wewak WWK AYWK Show
WPM Wipim Airport Wipim WPM Show
WTP Woitape Airport Woitape WTP Show

Other Airports in Papua New Guinea:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
ABW Abau Airport Abau ABW Show
AFR Afore Airport Afore AFR Show
AUP Agaun Airport Agaun AUP Show
AIH Aiambak Airport Aiambak AIH Show
AIE Aiome Airport Aiome AIE Show
ATP Aitape Airstrip Aitape ATP Show
TAJ Tadji Airport Aitape TAJ Show
AYU Aiyura Airport Aiyura AYU Show
AMF Ama Airport Ama AMF Show
AMU Amanab Airport Amanab AMU Show
AZB Amazon Bay Airport Amazon Bay AZB Show
AMG Amboin Airport Amboin AMG Show
AUJ Ambunti Airport Ambunti AUJ Show
AGG Angoram Airport Angoram AGG Show
AKG Anguganak Airport Anguganak AKG Show
AOB Annanberg Airport Annanberg AOB Show
APR April River Airport April River APR Show
ARP Aragip Airport Aragip ARP Show
RAW Arawa Airport Arawa RAW Show
AOA Aroa Airport Aroa AOA Show
AON Arona Airport Arona AON Show
APP Asapa Airport Asapa APP Show
AEK Aseki Airport Aseki AEK Show
ASZ Asirim Airport Asirim ASZ Show
ABP Atkamba Airport Atkamba ABP Show
AUI Aua Island Airport Aua Island AUI Show
AUV Aumo Airport Aumo AUV Show
AWR Awar Airport Awar AWR Show
BAP Baibara Airport Baibara BAP Show
VMU Baimuru Airport Baimuru VMU Show
BDZ Baindoung Airport Baindoung BDZ Show
BAJ Bali Airport Bali BAJ Show
BCP Bambu Airport Bambu BCP Show
BMZ Bamu Airport Bamu BMZ Show
BNZ Banz Airport Banz BNZ Show
BPD Bapi Airport Bapi BPD Show
BWJ Bawan Airport Bawan BWJ Show
BSP Bensbach Airport Bensbach BSP Show
BEA Bereina Airport Bereina BEA Show
BWP Bewani Airport Bewani BWP Show
BAA Bialla Airport Bialla BAA Show
BPK Biangabip Airport Biangabip BPK Show
BRP Biaru Airport Biaru BRP Show
BIJ Biliau Airport Biliau BIJ Show
BIZ Bimin Airport Bimin BIZ Show
XBN Biniguni Airport Biniguni XBN Show
BNV Boana Airport Boana BNV Show
BOV Boang Airport Boang BOV Show
BNM Bodinumu Airport Bodinumu BNM Show
BOQ Boku Airport Boku BOQ Show
BVP Bolovip Airport Bolovip BVP Show
BMH Bomai Airport Bomai BMH Show
BPB Boridi Airport Boridi BPB Show
BOT Boset Airport Boset BOT Show
BRH Brahman Airport Brahman BRH Show
UBI Buin Airport Buin UBI Show
BNT Bundi Airport Bundi BNT Show
BXZ Bunsil Airport Bunsil BXZ Show
CGC Cape Gloucester Airport Cape Gloucester CGC Show
CPI Cape Orford Airport Cape Orford CPI Show
CPN Cape Rodney Airport Cape Rodney CPN Show
CVL Cape Vogel Airport Cape Vogel CVL Show
CVB Chungribu Airport Chungribu CVB Show
DAO Dabo Airport Dabo DAO Show
DAF Daup Airport Daup DAF Show
DBP Debepare Airport Debepare DBP Show
DER Derim Airport Derim DER Show
DNU Dinangat Airport Dinangat DNU Show
DOS Dios Airport Dios DOS Show
DDM Dodoima Airport Dodoima DDM Show
DOI Doini Airport Doini DOI Show
DOO Dorobisoro Airport Dorobisoro DOO Show
DPU Dumpu Airport Dumpu DPU Show
EFG Efogi Airport Efogi EFG Show
EIA Popondetta Airport Eia EIA Show
EPT Eliptamin Airport Eliptamin EPT Show
EMS Embessa Airport Embessa EMS Show
EMI Emirau Airport Emirau EMI Show
EMO Emo Airport Emo EMO Show
EGA Engati Airport Engati EGA Show
ERE Erave Airport Erave ERE Show
ERU Erume Airport Erume ERU Show
ESA Esa'Ala Airport Esa'Ala ESA Show
FNE Fane Airport Fane FNE Show
FRQ Feramin Airport Feramin FRQ Show
FIN Finschhafen Airport Finschhafen FIN Show
FAQ Freida River Airport Freida River FAQ Show
FUB Fulleborn Airport Fulleborn FUB Show
FUM Fuma Airport Fuma FUM Show
GAR Garaina Airport Garaina GAR Show
GRL Garasa Airport Garasa GRL Show
GRH Garuahi Airport Garuahi GRH Show
GMI Gasmata Island Airport Gasmata Island GMI Show
GBC Gasuke Airport Gasuke GBC Show
GEW Gewoya Airport Gewoya GEW Show
GWN Gnarowein Airport Gnarowein GWN Show
GOE Gonalia Airport Gonalia GOE Show
GOC Gora Airport Gora GOC Show
GEI Green Islands Airport Green Islands GEI Show
GVI Green River Airport Green River GVI Show
GUG Guari Airport Guari GUG Show
GAZ Guasopa Airport Guasopa GAZ Show
GLP Gulgubip Airport Gulgubip GLP Show
GUE Guriaso Airport Guriaso GUE Show
GAP Gusap Airport Gusap GAP Show
HBD Habi Airport Habi HBD Show
HEO Haelogo Airport Haelogo HEO Show
HAZ Hatzfeldthaven Airport Hatzfeldthaven HAZ Show
HWA Hawabango Airport Hawabango HWA Show
HYF Hayfields Airport Hayfields HYF Show
HNI Heiweni Airport Heiweni HNI Show
HIT Hivaro Airport Hivaro HIT Show
IMA Iamalele Airport Iamalele IMA Show
IAU Iaura Airport Iaura IAU Show
IBI Iboki Airport Iboki IBI Show
IHU Ihu Airport Ihu IHU Show
IMN Imane Airport Imane IMN Show
IMD Imonda Airport Imonda IMD Show
IDN Indagen Airport Indagen IDN Show
IUS Inus Airport Inus IUS Show
IOK Iokea Airport Iokea IOK Show
IOP Ioma Airport Ioma IOP Show
ITK Itokama Airport Itokama ITK Show
JAQ Jacquinot Bay Airport Jacquinot Bay JAQ Show
JOP Josephstaal Airport Josephstaal JOP Show
KBM Kabwum Airport Kabwum KBM Show
KGW Kagi Airport Kagi KGW Show
AGK Kagua Airport Kagua AGK Show
KIA Kaiapit Airport Kaiapit KIA Show
KZF Kaintiba Airport Kaintiba KZF Show
KDQ Kamberatoro Airport Kamberatoro KDQ Show
KMF Kamina Airport Kamina KMF Show
KJU Kamiraba Airport Kamiraba KJU Show
KAQ Kamulai Airport Kamulai KAQ Show
KUY Kamusi Airport Kamusi KUY Show
KEX Kanabea Airport Kanabea KEX Show
KNE Kanainj Airport Kanainj KNE Show
KDP Kandep Airport Kandep KDP Show
KDR0 Kandrian Kandrian KDR Show
KTK Kanua Airport Kanua KTK Show
KPL Kapal Airport Kapal KPL Show
KAK Kar Airport Kar KAK Show
KRX Kar Kar Airport Kar Kar KRX Show
KAF Karato Airport Karato KAF Show
KRJ Karawari Airport Karawari KRJ Show
KMR Karimui Airport Karimui KMR Show
KXR Karoola Airport Karoola KXR Show
KSB Kasanombe Airport Kasanombe KSB Show
KWO Kawito Airport Kawito KWO Show
KEG Keglsugl Airport Keglsugl KEG Show
KNL Kelanoa Airport Kelanoa KNL Show
KRU Kerau Airport Kerau KRU Show
KII Kibuli Airport Kibuli KII Show
KIE Aropa Airport Kieta KIE Show
KIZ Kikinonda Airport Kikinonda KIZ Show
KRI Kikori Airport Kikori KRI Show
KIQ Kira Airport Kira KIQ Show
KSG Kisengan Airport Kisengan KSG Show
KVE Kitava Airport Kitava KVE Show
KWX Kiwai Island Airport Kiwai Island KWX Show
KMB Koinambe Airport Koinambe KMB Show
KOR Kokoro Airport Kokoro KOR Show
KQL Kol Airport Kol KQL Show
KCJ Komaio Airport Komaio KCJ Show
HOC Komako Airport Komako HOC Show
KOM Komo Airport Komo KOM Show
KPM Kompiam Airport Kompiam KPM Show
KPF Kondubol Airport Kondubol KPF Show
KGB Konge Airport Konge KGB Show
KPA Kopiago Airport Kopiago KPA Show
KDE Koroba Airport Koroba KDE Show
KSP Kosipe Airport Kosipe KSP Show
KUP Kupiano Airport Kupiano KUP Show
KUQ Kuri Airport Kuri KUQ Show
KWV Kurwina Airport Kurwina KWV Show
KUX Kuyol Airport Kuyol KUX Show
LAB Lablab Airport Lablab LAB Show
LGM Laiagam Airport Laiagam LGM Show
LMG Lamassa Airport Lamassa LMG Show
LNM Langimar Airport Langimar LNM Show
LHP Lehu Airport Lehu LHP Show
LTF Leitre Airport Leitre LTF Show
LNC Lengbati Airport Lengbati LNC Show
LNG Lese Airport Lese LNG Show
LGN Linga Linga Airport Linga Linga LGN Show
LNQ Loani Airport Loani LNQ Show
LSJ Long Island Airport Long Island LSJ Show
LWI Lowai Airport Lowai LWI Show
LMI Lumi Airport Lumi LMI Show
MPG Makini Airport Makini MPG Show
MLQ Malalaua Airport Malalaua MLQ Show
MQO Malam Airport Malam MQO Show
MKN Malekolon Airport Malekolon MKN Show
MAP Mamai Airport Mamai MAP Show
MRM Manari Airport Manari MRM Show
MVI Manetai Airport Manetai MVI Show
MGP Manga Airport Manga MGP Show
MFO Manguna Airport Manguna MFO HERN Show
UUU Manumu Airport Manumu UUU Show
MPF Mapoda Airport Mapoda MPF Show
MPU Mapua Airport Mapua MPU Show
MWI Maramoni Airport Maramoni MWI Show
MWG Marawaka Airport Marawaka MWG Show
MGG Margarima Airport Margarima MGG Show
MBV Masa Airport Masa MBV Show
MRH May River Airport May River MRH Show
MYX Menyamya Airport Menyamya MYX Show
MFZ Mesalia Airport Mesalia MFZ Show
MXK Mindik Airport Mindik MXK Show
MZN Minj Airport Minj MZN Show
MPX Miyanmin Airport Miyanmin MPX Show
MJJ Moki Airport Moki MJJ Show
MHY Morehead Airport Morehead MHY Show
OBM Morobe Airport Morobe OBM Show
GUV Mougulu Airport Mougulu GUV Show
UAE Mount Aue Airport Mount Aue UAE Show
LNF Munbil Airport Munbil LNF Show
MDM Munduku Airport Munduku MDM Show
MWU Mussau Airport Mussau MWU Show
NDN Nadunumu Airport Nadunumu NDN Show
NBA Nambaiyufa Airport Nambaiyufa NBA Show
NDI Namudi Airport Namudi NDI Show
NKN Nankina Airport Nankina NKN Show
NOO Naoro Airport Naoro NOO Show
GBF Negarbo Airport Negarbo GBF Show
NGR Ningerum Airport Ningerum NGR Show
NPG Nipa Airport Nipa NPG Show
IIS Nissan Island Airport Nissan Island IIS Show
NOM Nomad River Airport Nomad River NOM Show
NMN Nomane Airport Nomane NMN Show
NWT Nowata Airport Nowata NWT Show
NUG Nuguria Airport Nuguria NUG Show
UKU Nuku Airport Nuku UKU Show
NUT Nutuve Airport Nutuve NUT Show
OGE Ogeranang Airport Ogeranang OGE Show
OKV Okao Airport Okao OKV Show
OKP Oksapmin Airport Oksapmin OKP Show
OLQ Olsobip Airport Olsobip OLQ Show
OML Omkalai Airport Omkalai OML Show
OSE Omora Airport Omora OSE Show
ONB Ononge Airport Ononge ONB Show
OPB Open Bay Airport Open Bay OPB Show
RAX Oram Airport Oram RAX Show
OTY Oria Airport Oria OTY Show
OSG Ossima Airport Ossima OSG Show
PLE Paiela Airport Paiela PLE Show
PAW Pambwa Airport Pambwa PAW Show
PGB Panaoa Airport Panaoa PGB Show
PGN Pangia Airport Pangia PGN Show
PPX Param Airport Param PPX Show
PMP Pimaga Airport Pimaga PMP Show
PDI Pindiu Airport Pindiu PDI Show
RGE Porgera Airport Porgera RGE Show
PUA Puas Airport Puas PUA Show
PMN Pumani Airport Pumani PMN Show
PUI Pureni Airport Pureni PUI Show
RBP Raba Raba Airport Rabaraba RBP Show
RAA Rakanda Airport Rakanda RAA Show
RNR Robinson River Airport Robinson River RNR Show
RMN Rumginae Airport Rumginae RMN Show
RUU Ruti Airport Ruti RUU Show
SBV Sabah Airport Sabah SBV Show
SFU Safia Airport Safia SFU Show
SGJ Sagarai Airport Sagarai SGJ Show
SDI Saidor Airport Saidor SDI Show
SAM Salamo Airport Salamo SAM Show
SQT China Straits Airstrip Samarai Island SQT Show
SMH Sapmanga Airport Sapmanga SMH Show
SWG Satwag Airport Satwag SWG Show
SXW Sauren Airport Sauren SXW Show
SXH Sehulea Airport Sehulea SXH Show
SBC Selbang Airport Selbang SBC Show
SPV Sepik Plains Airport Sepik Plains SPV Show
SXA Sialum Airport Sialum SXA Show
SSS Siassi Airport Siassi SSS Show
SIL Sila Airport Sila SIL Show
SWR Silur Airport Silur SWR Show
SMJ Sim Airport Sim SMJ Show
SIM Simbai Airport Simbai SIM Show
NIS Simberi Island Airport Simberi Island NIS Show
SGB Singaua Airport Singaua SGB Show
SIZ Sissano Airport Sissano SIZ Show
SWE Siwea Airport Siwea SWE Show
SPH Sopu Airport Sopu SPH Show
SMP Stockholm Airport Stockholm SMP Show
SBE Suabi Airport Suabi SBE Show
ULE Sule Airport Sule ULE SULE Show
SUZ Suria Airport Suria SUZ Show
TBA Tabibuga Airport Tabibuga TBA Show
TGL Tagula Airport Tagula TGL Show
TLW Talasea Airport Talasea TLW Show
TRJ Tarakbits Airport Tarakbits TRJ Show
TSK Taskul Airport Taskul TSK Show
TUT Tauta Airport Tauta TUT Show
TWY Tawa Airport Tawa TWY Show
TKB Tekadu Airport Tekadu TKB Show
TKW Tekin Airport Tekin TKW Show
TFM Telefomin Airport Telefomin TFM Show
TEP Teptep Airport Teptep TEP Show
TEO Terapo Airport Terapo TEO Show
TDB Tetabedi Airport Tetabedi TDB Show
TFB Tifalmin Airport Tifalmin TFB Show
TBE Timbunke Airport Timbunke TBE Show
TCK Tinboli Airport Tinboli TCK Show
TIG Tingwon Airport Tingwon TIG Show
TLO Tol Airport Tol TLO Show
TON Tonu Airport Tonu TON Show
TCJ Torembi Airport Torembi TCJ Show
TOK Torokina Airport Torokina TOK Show
TSW Tsewi Airport Tsewi TSW Show
TSI Tsili Tsili Airport Tsili Tsili TSI Show
TLP Tumolbil Airport Tumolbil TLP Show
UMC Umba Airport Umba UMC Show
UPR Upiara Airport Upiara UPR Show
URU Oro Province Airport Uroubi URU Show
USO Usino Airport Usino USO Show
UVO Uvol Airport Uvol UVO Show
VIV Vivigani Airport Vivigani VIV Show
WAB Wabag Airport Wabag WAB Show
WAO Wabo Airport Wabo WAO Show
WGU Wagau Airport Wagau WGU Show
WKN Wakunai Airport Wakunai WKN Show
WTT Wantoat Airport Wantoat WTT Show
WNU Wanuma Airport Wanuma WNU Show
WBC Wapolu Airport Wapolu WBC Show
WSU Wasu Airport Wasu WSU Show
WSA Wasua Airport Wasua WSA Show
WUM West New Britain Airport Wasum WUM Show
WUG Wau Airport Wau WUG Show
WAJ Wawoi Falls Airport Wawoi Falls WAJ Show
WEP Weam Airport Weam WEP Show
WED Wedau Airport Wedau WED Show
WIU Witu Airport Witu WIU WITU Show
WOA Wonenara Airport Wonenara WOA Show
WUV Wuvulu Island Airport Wuvulu Island WUV Show
KYX Yalumet Airport Yalumet KYX Show
KPE Yapsei Airport Yapsei KPE Show
KSX Yasuru Airport Yasuru KSX Show
PGE Yegepa Airport Yegepa PGE Show
XYR Yellow River Airport Yellow River XYR Show
YEQ Yenkis Airport Yenkis YEQ Show
YVD Yeva Airport Yeva YVD Show
KGH Yongai Airport Yongai KGH Show
RKU Kairuku Airport Yule Island RKU Show
ZEN Zenag Airport Zenag ZEN Show