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(ZM) Zambia

Smaller Scheduled Passenger Airports in Zambia:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
CIP Chipata Airport Chipata CIP FLCP Show
KAA Kasama Airport Kasama KAA FLKS Show
LVI Livingstone Airport Livingstone LVI FLLI Show
LUN Lusaka Airport Lusaka LUN FLLS Show
MNS Mansa Airport Mansa MNS FLMA Show
MFU Mfuwe Airport Mfuwe MFU FLMF Show
NLA Ndola Airport Ndola NLA FLND Show
SLI Solwezi Airport Solwezi SLI FLSW Show

Other Airports in Zambia:

FlightStats Code Name City IATA Code ICAO Code Map
CGJ Chingola Airport Chingola CGJ Show
FLKE Kasompe Airport Chingola FLKE Show
FLCS Chinsali Chinsali FLCS Show
FLCO Chocha Chocha FLCO Show
FLCH Choma Choma FLCH Show
FLEH East Eight East Eight FLEH Show
FLEE East Five East Five FLEE Show
FLED East Four East Four FLED Show
FLEA East One East One FLEA Show
FLEG East Seven East Seven FLEG Show
FLEF East Six East Six FLEF Show
FLEC East Three East Three FLEC Show
FLEB East Two East Two FLEB Show
FLIK Isoka Isoka FLIK Show
FLPO Kabompo Kabompo FLPO Show
FLKW Milliken Kabwe FLKW Show
KLB Kalabo Airport Kalabo KLB FLKL Show
FLLO Kalomo Kalomo FLLO Show
FLKJ Kanja Kanja FLKJ Show
FLKU Kanyau Kanyau FLKU Show
KMZ Kaoma Airport Kaoma KMZ FLKO Show
ZKB Kasaba Bay Airport Kasaba Bay ZKB FLKY Show
FLAT Katete Katete FLAT Show
FLKB Kawambwa Kawambwa FLKB Show
KIW Southdowns Airport Kitwe KIW FLSO Show
FLLA Luanshya Luanshya FLLA Show
LXU Lukulu Airport Lukulu LXU FLLK Show
FLKZ Lukuzi Lukuzi FLKZ Show
FLLD Lundazi Lundazi FLLD Show
FLMB Maamba Maamba FLMB Show
FLMZ Mazabuka Mazabuka FLMZ Show
MMQ Mbala Airport Mbala MMQ Show
FLMK Mkushi Mkushi FLMK Show
MNR Mongu Airport Mongu MNR FLMG Show
FLMO Monze Monze FLMO Show
FLMP Mpika Mpika FLMP Show
FLPK Mporokoso Mporokoso FLPK Show
FLML Mufulira Mufulira FLML Show
FLMU Mulobezi Mulobezi FLMU Show
FLMW Mwinilunga Mwinilunga FLMW Show
FLNL Namwala Namwala FLNL Show
ZGM Ngoma Airport Ngoma ZGM FLNA Show
FLNY Nyimba Nyimba FLNY Show
FLPE Petauke Petauke FLPE Show
FLRO Rosa Rosa FLRO Show
FLRU Rufunsa Rufunsa FLRU Show
FLSJ Sakeji Sakeji FLSJ Show
FLYA Samfya Samfya FLYA Show
SXG Senanga Airport Senanga SXG FLSN Show
FLSE Serenje Serenje FLSE Show
SJQ Sesheke Airport Sesheke SJQ Show
FLSH Shiwa Ngandu Shiwa Ngandu FLSH Show
FLWW Wakawaka Wakawaka FLWW Show
FLWE West Five West Five FLWE Show
FLWD West Four West Four FLWD Show
FLWA West One West One FLWA Show
FLWG West Seven West Seven FLWG Show
FLWF West Six West Six FLWF Show
FLWC West Three West Three FLWC Show
FLWB West Two West Two FLWB Show
BBZ Zambezi Airport Zambezi BBZ FLZB Show