(CZ) China Southern Airlines 1073 On-time Performance Rating

CZ 1073 Historical On-time Performance Ratings

Route:   This is a multi-segment flight.
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Date Range:   Apr 15, 2016 to Jun 15, 2016
Flight:   (CZ) China Southern Airlines 1073

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      Departure Arrival
On-time Performance Ratings Flight Code City Code City
Very Good (4.7) CZ 1073 LAX Los Angeles ATL Atlanta
Good (4.0) CZ 1073 SEA Seattle LAX Los Angeles
Average (3.3) CZ 1073 DTW Detroit FLL Fort Lauderdale
(3.0) CZ 1073 LAS Las Vegas LAX Los Angeles
Poor (0.9) CZ 1073 SMF Sacramento LAX Los Angeles

On-time Performance Summary

Historical Arrival On-time Performance for these Flights
On-time 97%
Late 0%
Very Late 0%
Excessive 3%
Canceled 0%
Diverted 0%
Summary of Rating by Carrier
Operated Codeshare
Best Rating 0.0   4.7 
Ave Delay   3.2  
Worst Rating 5.0   0.9  
Summary of Service and Cancellations
Operated Codeshared
Total Flights   30  
Max Delay 0   87  
Ave Delay   32  
Most Cancellations 0   0  
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