(US) US Airways 2716 On-time Performance Rating

US 2716 Historical On-time Performance Ratings

Route:   This is a multi-segment flight.  
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Date Range:   May 15, 2014 to Jul 15, 2014  
Flight:   (US) US Airways 2716 US - Overall Rating

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      Departure Arrival
On-time Performance Ratings Flight Code City Code City
Good (4.1) US 2716 CLT Charlotte ILM Wilmington
Average (3.2) US 2716 MEM Memphis CLT Charlotte

On-time Performance Summary

Historical Arrival On-time Performance for these Flights
On-time 90%
Late 6%
Very Late 0%
Excessive 2%
Canceled 2%
Diverted 0%
Summary of Rating by Carrier
Operated Codeshare
Best Rating 0.0   4.1 
Ave Delay   3.6  
Worst Rating 5.0   3.2  
Summary of Service and Cancellations
Operated Codeshared
Total Flights   48  
Max Delay 0   223  
Ave Delay   28  
Most Cancellations 0   223