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BVA Departures: Sat Sep-20-2014 from 12:00PM - 12:00AM

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Destination Flight Rating Airline Sched Actual Gate Status Equip Track
RAK Marrakech FR 5213 Ryanair 12:20 PM 12:13 PM En Route
BGY Milan FR 4232 Ryanair 12:35 PM 12:44 PM En Route
PMI Palma Mallorca FR 717 Ryanair 1:35 PM 1:25 PM En Route
TPS Trapani FR 8642 Ryanair 1:45 PM 1:45 PM En Route
ZAD Zadar FR 7434   Ryanair 1:55 PM Scheduled
ALC Alicante FR 9035 Ryanair 3:45 PM 3:45 PM ~ Scheduled
PUY Pula FR 8762 Ryanair 3:45 PM 3:45 PM ~ Scheduled
TNG Tangier FR 7744 Ryanair 4:00 PM Scheduled
RBA Rabat FR 8097 Ryanair 4:25 PM Scheduled
AGP Malaga FR 2512 Ryanair 4:50 PM Scheduled
AHO Alghero FR 5378 Ryanair 5:00 PM Scheduled
KRK Krakow FR 3698 Ryanair 5:00 PM Scheduled
MAD Madrid FR 5445 Ryanair 5:50 PM Scheduled
RIX Riga W6 2522  
Wizz Air 7:20 PM Scheduled
ZAZ Zaragoza FR 7236 Ryanair 7:20 PM Scheduled
FEZ Fez FR 5223 Ryanair 7:55 PM Scheduled
RYG Rygge FR 9612 Ryanair 8:25 PM Scheduled
TSR Timisoara W6 3522   Wizz Air 8:40 PM Scheduled
ZAD Zadar FR 7434 Ryanair 8:55 PM Scheduled
AGP Malaga FR 2512 Ryanair 8:55 PM Scheduled
CIA Rome FR 9636 Ryanair 9:20 PM Scheduled
PSA Pisa FR 9977 Ryanair 9:45 PM Scheduled
BCN Barcelona FR 6356 Ryanair 9:45 PM Scheduled
BLQ Bologna FR 4304 Ryanair 10:15 PM Scheduled
BGY Milan FR 4236 Ryanair 10:30 PM Scheduled
DUB Dublin FR 29 Ryanair 10:30 PM Scheduled
OPO Porto FR 7475 Ryanair 10:35 PM Scheduled
SNN Shannon FR 2302 Ryanair 11:15 PM Scheduled
    No more flights on this day
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1.0 of 5 Review by traveller17
There is only an inefficient tranfer bus to the city centre of Paris, whose yourney is very long and...
2.0 of 5 Review by Brigata
Very poor airport...

2.0 of 5 Review by JFER1980
Absolutely chaotic place. They don't publish gate numbers until the last minute sending crazy Ryana...