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CRL Arrivals: Thu Aug-21-2014 from 12:00PM - 12:00AM

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Origin Flight Rating Airline Sched Actual Gate Status Equip Track
PGF Perpignan FR 1385   Ryanair 12:05 PM Scheduled
REU Reus FR 2829 Ryanair 12:10 PM En Route
PMI Palma Mallorca JAF 4952   Jetairfly 12:10 PM Scheduled
SUF Lamezia-Terme FR 8609   Ryanair 12:45 PM Scheduled
BRI Bari FR 8706 Ryanair 12:50 PM En Route
SOF Sofia W6 4327   Wizz Air 1:00 PM Scheduled
FAO Faro FR 6313   Ryanair 1:05 PM Scheduled
OUD Oujda FR 8775   Ryanair 1:15 PM Scheduled
SAW Istanbul PC 801   Pegasus 1:15 PM En Route
ORN Oran JAF 4818   Jetairfly 1:20 PM Scheduled
VOL Volos FR 6472   Ryanair 1:30 PM Scheduled
ALC Alicante FR 9077 Ryanair 1:30 PM En Route
ZAD Zadar FR 6465   Ryanair 1:40 PM Scheduled
TGD Podgorica FR 6042   Ryanair 1:55 PM Scheduled
BIQ Biarritz FR 5332   Ryanair 2:20 PM Scheduled
PSA Pisa FR 3746 Ryanair 2:35 PM En Route
AHU Al Hoceima JAF 4982   Jetairfly 2:45 PM Scheduled
MRS Marseille FR 6317 Ryanair 3:30 PM En Route
ACE Lanzarote FR 8175 Ryanair 3:30 PM En Route
FSC Figari FR 4567   Ryanair 3:50 PM Scheduled
CCF Carcassonne FR 8024   Ryanair 5:20 PM Scheduled
BUD Budapest FR 8415 Ryanair 5:20 PM En Route
BLQ Bologna FR 4863 Ryanair 5:30 PM En Route
IBZ Ibiza FR 6457 Ryanair 5:45 PM En Route
FNI Nimes FR 8049   Ryanair 5:45 PM Scheduled
AHO Alghero FR 6733   Ryanair 6:00 PM Scheduled
SVQ Sevilla FR 6445 Ryanair 8:25 PM En Route
WAW Warsaw W6 1381   Wizz Air 8:25 PM Scheduled
MAD Madrid FR 5464 Ryanair 8:40 PM En Route
CIA Rome FR 6108 Ryanair 8:50 PM En Route
OPO Porto FR 1387 Ryanair 9:05 PM En Route
CHQ Chania FR 6272   Ryanair 9:30 PM Scheduled
NDR Nador JAF 4682   Jetairfly 9:45 PM Scheduled
MAN Manchester FR 3222 Ryanair 9:55 PM En Route
DUB Dublin FR 44 Ryanair 10:20 PM En Route
RBA Rabat FR 6933   Ryanair 10:30 PM Scheduled
PUY Pula FR 2043   Ryanair 10:30 PM Scheduled
LPA Las Palmas JAF 4198   Jetairfly 10:40 PM Scheduled
AGP Malaga FR 1929 Ryanair 10:45 PM En Route
SKG Thessaloniki FR 6447   Ryanair 10:45 PM Scheduled
TFS Tenerife FR 8179 Ryanair 10:50 PM En Route
TNG Tangier FR 8074   Ryanair 10:50 PM Scheduled
MJV Murcia JAF 4484   Jetairfly 10:50 PM Scheduled
RYG Rygge FR 6099 Ryanair 10:50 PM En Route
PMI Palma Mallorca FR 9338 Ryanair 10:50 PM En Route
TSF Venice FR 6056   Ryanair 10:55 PM Scheduled
CMN Casablanca JAF 4408   Jetairfly 10:55 PM Scheduled
RHO Rhodes FR 8574   Ryanair 10:55 PM Scheduled
    No more flights on this day
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4.0 of 5 Review by pinoa
crl : a perfect 'low-cost' airport. you can go almost everywhere in europe from this airport at very...
1.0 of 5 Review by bebenno
No comment.

4.0 of 5 Review by pierpolmake
Not Brussels airport. Ok, but have you ever been to Bergerac? CRL is in great progress