Historical Flight Status Information

Historical Flight Status

FlightStats has been hard at work on a brand new site, currently exposed at beta.flightstats.com. We are nearing the end of our beta program, and will soon switch over to the new Website.

FlightStats is also moving to a new business model where basic functionality will still be available for free and be supported by advertisements, but premium functionality will only be available to subscribed users. Historical Flight Status and Flight Alerts are two of these premium features. Subscription services will first be exposed in the coming weeks on our beta site. As a result, we are transitioning users of these premium features over to our beta site to ensure uninterrupted service.

You will be asked to login. Use the same email-address and password as your regular FlightStats.com account.

Historical flight status lookup on our beta site is an enhanced version of the existing tool. Beyond the improved user interface and lack of a captcha, we now display upline and downline information for flights with multiple stops, so you can quickly see if upline problems may be the reason for any delays or cancellations.

Historical Flight Status

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