(AA) American Airlines 2894
Operated by SkyWest Airlines on behalf of
American Airlines
From (ORD) Chicago, IL US
6:45 PM
8:54 PM
(MRA) Martinaire 605
From (PLN) Pellston, MI US
8:00 PM
Invalid Date
(MRA) Martinaire 603
From (Y31) West Branch, MI US
8:20 PM
Invalid Date
(AMF) Ameriflight 1021
From (MQT) Marquette, MI US
8:03 PM
Invalid Date
(FRG) Freight Runners Express 1571
From (TVC) Traverse City, MI US
7:45 PM
Invalid Date
(MRA) Martinaire 604
From (GLR) Gaylord, MI US
7:53 PM
Invalid Date
(AMF) Ameriflight 1089
From (ESC) Escanaba, MI US
7:20 PM
Invalid Date
(MRA) Martinaire 609
From (LDM) Ludington, MI US
7:40 PM
Invalid Date

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