(AA) American Airlines 1736
To (CLT) Charlotte, NC US
8:00 AM
10:59 AM
(AA) American Airlines 3998
Operated by Air Wisconsin on behalf of
American Airlines
To (PHL) Philadelphia, PA US
8:00 AM
9:50 AM
(DL) Delta Air Lines 6286
Operated by GoJet Airlines on behalf of
Delta Air Lines
To (DTW) Detroit, MI US
8:10 AM
10:36 AM
(WIG) Wiggins Airways 8416
To (PQI) Presque Isle, ME US
8:17 AM
9:47 AM
(WIG) Wiggins Airways 8406
To (BGR) Bangor, ME US
8:21 AM
9:08 AM
(WIG) Wiggins Airways 8437
To (PQI) Presque Isle, ME US
8:30 AM
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