FlightStats On-time Performance Report - August 2013
Story by Sarena Regazzoni
09/10/2013 @ 2:27 PM (Updated 09/10/2013 @ 2:29 PM)

FlightStats, Inc., the leader in global flight and airport information services, has released the August 2013 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report. The report covers airlines and airports in the following regions: Major International, North America, Europe and Asia. Get the FlightStats On-time Report - August 2013.

The FlightStats August 2013 On-time Performance Report Summary:

Major International Airlines 
August 2013 FlightStats Major International Airlines On-time Arrivals 
Major International airlines on average delivered 73.57% of their flights to the arrival gate within 15 minutes of schedule in August, up from July’s 75.21%. Cancellations for the group decreased to 1.12%, compared with 1.33% last month. Seven major international carriers: (AY) Finnair, (SA) South African Airways, (VO) Tyrolean Airways, (GF) Gulf Air,(SK) SAS, (KL) KLM, and (U2) EasyJet delivered over 90% of their flights on time.

The top ten performing major international airlines and their on-time percentages were: 
1    (AY) Finnair    93.18% 
2    (SA) South African    93.09% 
3    (VO) Tyrolean Airways    92.50% 
4    (GF) Gulf Air    92.46% 
5    (SK) SAS    91.76% 
6    (KL) KLM    90.64% 
7    (U2) EasyJet    90.48% 
8    (IB) Iberia    89.87% 
9    (UX) Air Europa    89.21% 
10    (JL) Japan Airlines    88.28%

North American Airlines 
August 2013 FlightStats NA Airlines On-time Arrivals

North American airlines, rebounded in August. On average they delivered 78.39% of their flights to the arrival gate within 15 minutes of schedule in August compared with 73.44% in July. The group’s cancellations decreased to 1.14% from 1.92% . (HA) Hawaiian maintained the top spot in North America with 93.72%, and (AS) Alaska led the majors again with 84.45% on-time performance. 

North America's top ten performing airlines and their on-time percentages were: 
1    (HA) Hawaiian    93.72% 
2    (CP) Compass    90.47% 
3    (QX) Horizon    87.80% 
4    (QK) Jazz    85.51% 
5    (5D) Aeroméxico Connect    85.35% 
6    (AS) Alaska    84.45% 
7    (3M) Silver    84.22% 
8    (9E) Pinnacle    83.52% 
9    (DL) Delta    83.50% 
10    (S5) Shuttle America    81.09%

Here's how the North American major carriers on-time arrival percentages compared: 
1    (AS) Alaska    84.45% 
2    (DL) Delta    83.50% 
3    (AA) American    81.04% 
4    (US) US Airways    80.30% 
5    (AC) Air Canada    79.13% 
6    (UA) United    79.09% 
7    (WN) Southwest    73.46% 
8    (B6) Jetblue    70.97%

European Airlines 
August 2013 FlightStats European Airlines On-time Arrivals

Regional European airlines turned in the best performances in August. (TF) Malmo Aviation took the top spot delivering 96.94% of its flights on time. (NT) Binter Canarias dropped to second delivering 96.07% of its flights on time after 3 consecutive months on top. This month, 18 of the 50 airlines we evaluated had over 90% of their flights to the gate on time. The on-time performance for the group was 85.64% up from from July’s 83.37%. Cancellations for the group were down slightly to .42% from .57% the previous month.

The top ten on-time arrival performers among European carriers were: 
1    (TF) Malmo Aviation    96.94% 
2    (NT) Binter Canarias    96.07% 
3    (WA) KLM Cityhopper    94.62% 
4    (ZN) NAYSA    94.56% 
5    (DY) Norwegian Air Shuttle    93.32% 
6    (AY) Finnair    93.18% 
7    (WF) Widerøe's    93.14% 
8    (BT) airBaltic    92.81% 
9    (VO) Tyrolean Airways    92.50% 
10    (KF) Blue1    91.87%

Asian Airlines 
August 2013 FlightStats Asian Airlines On-time Arrival

(FD) Thai Air Asia claimed the top spot by delivering 93.46% of their flights on time. Only three of the top ten Asian airlines delivered greater than 90% of their flights to the gate on time in August. The average on-time performance rating among the 41 Asian airlines we analyzed was 65.61% up from July’s rate of 63.14%. Cancellations for the group decreased to 1.88% from 2.38% the previous month.

Here are the top ten on-time arrival performers among Asian carriers: 
1    (FD) Thai AirAsia    93.46% 
2    (BX) Air Busan    91.89% 
3    (XM1) J-Air    90.77% 
4    (JC) JAL Express    89.14% 
5    (HD) Hokkaido    89.10% 
6    (6E) IndiGo    88.39% 
7    (3X) Japan Air Commuter    88.30% 
8    (JL) Japan Airlines    88.28% 
9    (NU) Japan Transocean    87.29% 
10    (EH) ANA Wings    86.25%

Major International Airports 
August 2013 FlightStats Major International Airports On-time Departures

(HND) Tokyo's Haneda held its top spot among the world’s busiest airports with an on-time performance of 88.69%. In August, four European Airports, three North American airports, two Asian airports, and one Australian Airport were in the top ten. The average on-time departure performance among the top 35 international airports was 73.57% up from July’s rate of 69.66% and cancellations for the group were 1.12% down from 1.82% the previous month.

The top ten performers among international airports were: 
1    Tokyo (HND)    88.69% 
2    Munich (MUC)    86.72% 
3    Minneapolis (MSP)    86.01% 
4    Tokyo (NRT)    84.97% 
5    Seattle (SEA)    84.72% 
6    Amsterdam (AMS)    84.21% 
7    Madrid (MAD)    83.98% 
8    Sydney (SYD)    83.54% 
9    Detroit (DTW)    82.76% 
10    Frankfurt (FRA)    82.25%

North American Airports 
August 2013 FlightStats NA Airports On-time Departures

(SLC) Salt Lake City took the top spot with 87.31% on-time departure performance in August.  The average on-time departure performance for the group was 77.81% up from July’s 73.91%. Cancellations for the group decreased to .99% compared with 1.79% in the previous month.

Here is a summary of the on-time departure performance for the ten best performing large North American airports: 
1    Salt Lake City (SLC)    87.31% 
2    Honolulu (HNL)    87.15% 
3    Minneapolis (MSP)    86.01% 
4    Seattle (SEA)    84.72% 
5    Portland (PDX)    84.72% 
6    Washington (DCA)    84.48% 
7    Detroit (DTW)    82.76% 
8    Montreal (YUL)    82.70% 
9    Vancouver (YVR)    82.58% 
10    Calgary (YYC)    81.40%

European Airports 
August 2013 FlightStats European Airports On-time Departures

(OSL) Oslo took Europe’s top spot with a 89.91% on-time departure performance in August. The average on-time departure performance for the group was 71.86%, up slightly from July’s 69.32%. Cancellations for the group were .52% down from the previous month’s .75% .

Here are on-time departure performance results for the ten best performing large European airports: 
1    Oslo (OSL)    89.91% 
2    Copenhagen (CPH)    86.75% 
3    Munich (MUC)    86.72% 
4    Vienna (VIE)    86.51% 
5    Hamburg (HAM)    86.22% 
6    Dusseldorf (DUS)    85.26% 
7    Berlin (TXL)    85.14% 
8    Amsterdam (AMS)    84.21% 
9    Madrid (MAD)    83.98% 
10    Geneva (GVA)    83.37%

Asian Airports 
August 2013 FlightStats Asian Airports On-time Departures

(ITM) Osaka International Airport kept the lead among Asian airports with 93.33% on-time departure performance in August. Only two of the top ten airports had on-time departure performance rates that exceeded 90%. The average on-time departure performance for the group rose to 51.05% up from 48.62% in July. Cancellations for the group were at 2.07% down slightly from at 2.60% the previous month.

China’s airports on-time performance still languishes as they claim bottom 20 spots in Asia. The “unrestricted take-off” policy at eight of the nation’s airports has done little to ameliorate the situation. For reference the cumulative on-time performance rate at PEK, SHA, PVG, CAN, SZX, CTU, XIY and KMG was 28.06% in August as compared with 22.38% in July, and 28.57% in June.

Here is a list of the on-time departure performance for the ten best performing large Asian airports:

1    Osaka (ITM)    93.33% 
2    Nagoya (NGO)    90.49% 
3    Tokyo (HND)    88.69% 
4    Delhi (DEL)    88.60% 
5    Osaka (KIX)    86.97% 
6    Fukuoka (FUK)    86.46% 
7    Tokyo (NRT)    84.97% 
8    Sapporo (CTS)    84.51% 
9    Jeju (CJU)    83.96% 
10    Okinawa (OKA)    79.89%

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