Azul Brazilian Airlines

Azul Brazilian Airlines Joins FlightStats’ Airline Partnership Program

Few people appreciate all that goes into getting a plane from one point to the next. The task requires a massive coordination effort, and much of that effort focused on information, which is why we are proud to announce that the information we provide to the travel industry just grew stronger.

The FlightStats team is excited to welcome Azul Brazilian Airlines to our Airline Partnership Program. As a member of our program, Azul will provide us with a real-time operational data feed. This partnership will improve the breadth, accuracy, and timeliness of FlightStats data as well as provide Azul with enhanced visibility and data consistency throughout the entire travel ecosystem.

“We created the Airline Partnership Program to strengthen our relationships with airlines and assure we have the highest quality of data,” said Jim Hetzel, VP of Business Development at FlightStats. “Consistent flight status information across all channels is in the best interest of travelers, the airlines, and the industry as a whole. Our growing list of direct data feed partners enables us to provide all our customers with information that is as accurate, consistent, and timely as possible.”

We understand that airlines need to be able to deliver the right information at the right time as well as increase the efficiency of their operations. A partnership with FlightStats gives them the tools they need to achieve both these things.

Our goal is to provide airlines with data that will empower them to solve problems and better serve their customers. The information provided by data feeds is critical for:

  • Improving operations
  • Reducing delays
  • Managing flight disruptions
  • Increasing schedule reliability
  • Controlling costs

Collecting and distributing flight data to our customers is a complex process that requires us to refine and verify information against multiple sources. Getting information directly from the airline allows the FlightStats team to test and confirm facts and craft a detailed narrative of each flight. Azul’s contribution to FlightStats’ data sources helps us guarantee our information is the most reliable in the industry.

“Safety and consideration are our first two values. Being on time makes our customers more satisfied with the company and helps us deliver the best customer experience,” said Antonoaldo Neves, President at Azul Brazilian Airlines. “FlightStats’ data reaches millions of global travelers every day, and it is critical for us to be represented accurately in all travel communication. Joining the Airline Partnership Program helps us to make our services even better.”

About Azul Brazilian Airlines

Azul, the largest airline in Brazil by number of cities served, offers more than 900 daily flights to 101 destinations. With a fleet of 140 aircraft and more than 10,000 crewmembers, the company currently has a 32% share of departures of the Brazilian aviation market. Among other awards, Azul was named best low-cost carrier in South America for the fifth consecutive time by Skytrax in 2015 and best low-cost carrier in the world by CAPA in 2012. The airline also had best on-time performance in Brazil in 2014 and was recognized by FlightStats as having the best on-time performance in South America in 2012. For more information visit