Congrats to the Best TMCs of 2015!

iStock_000006244479_LargeIt’s exciting every year to see the largest Travel Management Companies (TMCs) in travel acknowledged in the Travel Weekly Powerlist. Each of these TMCs represents success in travel, though each has approached the market in slightly different ways. Whether it’s serving a different niche, providing a different service propositions, or offering different technology they have all been successful.

It is extremely gratifying to see that more than half of these successful TMCs have adopted the FlightStats Trip Solution platform to power their traveler messaging, proactive trip disruption management, or both.

These successful TMCs know customer engagement must continue post ticketing and throughout the trip to maximize revenue, maintain loyalty, and relevance. TMCs that leave day of travel communications to a third party (such as airline or B2C applications) relinquish their central role, which is the basis of repeat business and additional revenue.

Even more significant are the many TMCs on this list that have pioneered proactive trip disruption management for their customers using the unique FlightStats Trip Assist technology.  Agents are proactively notified about disruptions to their travelers. This allows the agent to resolve the problem when options are still available, advocate for the best re-protection options, and communicate instructions to the traveler directly.

With measurable ROI, deflected hard costs, satisfied travelers, better managed travel program compliance, and lower total travel costs, it’s no wonder the FlightStats Trip Solution package is used by a majority of these leading TMCs.

If this sounds like something you’d like to add to your travel program contact FlightStats today!