Who We Are

FlightStats, part of Cirium, is a cutting-edge data services company focused on commercial aviation. We are the leading provider of real-time global flight data to companies and individuals across the travel ecosystem.

We strive to tell the “story” of a flight – from what’s expected, to what is happening now, to what happened. These stories are delivered via our Data Services, and through our FlightStats-branded web and mobile applications.

Flight data is valuable on its own; however, it is even more valuable when delivered in conjunction with other contextual data. Our team manages multiple data sets that relate directly to flights, and multiple data sets that intersect with flights – trips, weather, and much more. We have invested heavily in a data management platform that enables us to ingest, process, store and deliver data efficiently and at scale. With our capabilities, we are well positioned to be a critical hub in the travel ecosystem for years to come.

Our History

Our roots in travel extend back to the early days of the Internet. Our predecessor company, Sight & Sound Software, was responsible for the BookSmart booking engine that powered many of the original airline Internet booking sites. Because of this, we’re quite familiar with the needs of airlines, travel agencies, and travelers in general.

In 2001, we started a new company called Conducive Technology (since changed to FlightStats), and in 2004 began focusing on real-time flight status information. Our first Flight Status APIs were released in 2005. Back then, the market for real-time flight data barely existed, Web Services was still in its infancy, Software-as-a-Service was just beginning its ascent, and mobile had yet to explode.

We have evolved over the years by taking data that was once considered an afterthought and making it central to the travel experience. In 2016 we were acquired by a long-time partner, FlightGlobal, creating a powerhouse of world-class air travel data and analytics capability. We will continue to evolve by combining more and more data sets, and using our industry knowledge and expertise to solve high-value problems.