Flight Data

We track over 90,000 flights per day, representing over 92% of scheduled passenger flights worldwide. We source data from hundreds of sources, giving us the most comprehensive view of the flight ecosystem available. But flight data is about more than coverage. Whether the metric is coverage, accuracy or timeliness, FlightStats is recognized as the leader by hundreds of customers across virtually all geographies. It’s the quality of our data that let’s us give the best answers about what’s expected, what’s happening now, and what happened.

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Trip Data

Itinerary information is necessary to drive knowledge about flights down to the passenger level. Getting access to trip data is the first step in using our Trip Data Services. FlightStats offers multiple options for making this happen.

  • API – Our preferred solution, FlightStats offers a simple trip import API that can connect your back office with our platform.
  • Mid-Office Solutions – FlightStats has relationships with multiple mid-office solutions, each of whom can push itinerary data directly to us with your permission.
  • GDS – Using your airline/agency credentials, FlightStats can access and read off of GDS queues.

FlightStats never owns the trip data of its customers, but we can use this data to drive high-value solutions for our customer’s benefit.

Other Data Sets

FlightStats works with data sets across the spectrum. It’s in the combination of data sets where value can often be found. Some examples of data sets we work with:

  • Reference data
  • Weather
  • FAA data
  • And much more…

We can also host customer-specific data, and combine this with FlightStats data to provide customized solutions. Our platform has been designed so that such solutions can be managed discreetly and securely.