We Can’t Do What We Do By Ourselves

FlightStats has built relationships across the travel spectrum. Whether it be data, distribution or technology, we are constantly looking to partner with other companies in an effort to increase everyone’s reach.

Airline Partners

FlightStats is dedicated to strengthening and expanding our airline partnerships. The FlightStats’ Airline Partnership Program provides significant value back to airlines, while allowing FlightStats to represent them accurately. As a member of our partnership program, airlines provide FlightStats with a real-time operational data feed.

Official Source of American Airline Data

FlightStats is proud to be a launch partner for the American Airlines “Official Source” Initiative.

To learn more about our Airline Partnership Program, visit our Airlines page.

Data Partners

We have relationships with hundreds of data sources throughout the world,  and we are constantly working to expand these relationships even further.

Distribution Partners

We work with multiple distribution partners to deliver FlightStats data into various markets. Additionally,  we act as a distributor of data on behalf of others.

We are particularly active in working with partners who serve operational markets. FlightStats works with many leaders in the operational space who are working on next-generation solutions and we can assist with these solutions. We realize, the stronger our relationships in the operations space the more our passenger solutions will benefit.

If you would like to work with FlightStats, let us know and we’ll see if there is a fit.

Contact us to learn more about partnering with FlightStats.

Technology Partners

We work with many of the biggest technology providers in the market.