Staying on top of the flow of data is a huge platform challenge at both a technical and an operational level. Over the past two years, we have accelerated our platform investments to increase our capabilities and to satisfy the ever-growing requirements being placed on us by our enterprise customers.

Our investments in our platform have yielded big benefits
  • Better products
  • Ability to address larger opportunities
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced development and maintenance costs




Below are just a few examples of how we’re evolving our platform and our development approach to make our systems more robust.

Software Defined Infrastructure

Use of modern tools and software techniques to efficiently and securely deliver data worldwide.

  • Services-oriented architecture
  • Continuous integration and automated deployment
  • Extensive monitoring, metrics, dashboards

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Worldwide mesh network of interconnected data centers, both public (AWS) and private.

  • Scales vertically and horizontally
  • Built-in redundancy and automated failover
  • Easy to duplicate and manage
  • Big benefits:  Highly available, disaster recoverable, secure, low latency


Data Hub

To support data gathering, processing and distribution on a worldwide scale, FlightStats has developed an open source platform called The Hub ( This platform transports and stores disparate data from over 500 sources and helps deliver information to customers in over 190 countries. FlightStats has developed The Hub as a system of data channels where data is posted to a channel contextually, generating notifications to any services listening on that channel. This system must scale to perform on a large numbers of channels with any size payload. The storage mechanism must be elastic to handle changing volumes of data throughput as well as variable payload size. In addition to performance, The Hub must also enable data replication to any number of private or public cloud data centers to ensure high availability and disaster recovery.