FlightStats is excited to announce our release to production of the new FAA TFMS Feed.  Over the past several months we have been implementing and testing the TFMS feed, which provides us with several important pieces of information such as runway times and aircraft positional data.  The new TFMS feed replaces the old ASDI feed, which we used to rely on and which has now been sunsetted.

There are a few major enhancements we are seeing with the TFMS feed.  One is an improvement in the timeliness of flight status and radar data.  With the ASDI feed there was a 5 minute delay, whereas with the TFMS feed that 5 minute delay has been eliminated.  Further, we are seeing improvements in overall data quality and coverage across North America and Europe, as well as a higher quantity of data in the form of more observed positions per flight.

Please note that this change should have no impact on our customers, as there will be no change to the data schema for any of our products as a result of this switch.

Our release of the TFMS Feed is just part of our overall commitment to improving FlightStats data through investment in System Wide Information Management (SWIM) initiatives.  We are continually assessing the SWIM Product Portfolio to see whether it makes sense to integrate other available data sets.  We’ll share more about our plans as they come into focus.