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If you’re familiar with our company and what we do, then you know we serve multiple verticals within the travel industry. We offer APIs and applications to airlines, agencies, airports, developers and individual travelers. Whether things are calm, or in a state of disruption, our solutions are designed to keep our customers in the know about flight and trip information at all times.

But, we also serve a market you may not be aware of: people who just love airplanes.

Even though we usually talk about how we use our web and mobile applications to serve the on-the-go traveler, we actually have a large audience of aviation enthusiasts who use our data to track flights. There are thousands of people who simply love watching, photographing, and taking videos of airplanes.

The aviation enthusiasts are some of our favorite customers because they demonstrate how our data can be both useful and delightful. We feel a very strong connection to people who are passionate about aviation because we share that passion. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be so dedicated to what we do. In fact, a few of our own team members have also spent some time plane spotting and taking photos of airplanes.

We love seeing the value of what we do from a personal perspective, not only from an an airline or agency perspective. We care about the quality of our data and how individual people are using it and benefiting from it. As a company, we want to understand all our customers better, and figure out how to maximize the value of our services for them.

Recently, we received a heartwarming message from a 13-year-old aviation enthusiast who uses our data to go plane spotting with his dad. He shared a few of his photos with us and inquired about purchasing more access to our data for his personal use.

After receiving this message, our team did a little research to find out more about this young aviation enthusiast and his plane spotting adventures. We found a charming YouTube video from a few years ago featuring his reaction to watching an A380 landing at Heathrow.

Stories like this really hit home for us because our goal isn’t only to develop and sell APIs. We actually care about our work and the value of the services we provide to customers in all segments, from the airline to the plane spotter. For example, we recently developed a Departures & Arrivals feature on our new website, It gives users the ability  to sort, filter and see equipment type, which is a particularly useful feature for plane spotters.
Whether you’re using our data to inform travelers of a flight delay or simply snapping a photo of your favorite airplane, we want to make sure our data is accurate, reliable and easily accessible. It gives us an incredible sense of satisfaction to know that the data we provide is serving so many purposes, from getting a business traveler to a meeting on time to delighting a young boy who loves watching airplanes with his father.