2016 IATA World Passenger Symposium

FlightStats Attends 2016 IATA World Passenger Symposium

Our team had a blast at the IATA NDC Hackathon this past weekend, but the fun in Dubai isn’t over yet. FlightStats is excited to announce our attendance at IATA’s 6th World Passenger Symposium in Dubai this week. The event is hosted by Emirates and will take place October 18-20.

FlightStats at the NDC Hackathon

We are attending the World Passenger Symposium after recently participating in the IATA NDC Hackathon as a Travel Partner API provider. During the hackathon, we offered our suite of flight, airport, and trip information APIs for participants to use. Hackathon participants had 28 hours to develop a mobile app or travel solution using an approved NDC API and various Travel Partner APIs. FlightStats provided Travel Partner APIs from both our Flight Data Services and Trip Data Services portfolios.

Who will be at the World Passenger Symposium

mark-tildenMark Tilden, co-founder of FlightStats, will be sticking around Dubai after the NDC Hackathon  to attend the symposium. Mark has played an essential role in building the systems that allow us to get information in real-time on any commercial flight, anywhere in the world. His focus has always been on creating technology that makes life better for real people.

Working together in the aviation industry

The theme of this year’s symposium is “Innovating better, together.” Attendees will delve into key transformational initiatives currently taking place in the areas of distribution, order management and fulfillment, customer experience on the ground and in the air, airport operations and infrastructure, and baggage and technology. Essentially, the event will take a deeper look at how the industry collaborates and innovates to solve problems.

The concept of working together across the aviation industry is a vision that the FlightStats team fully supports because it is a well-known fact that the industry faces a lot of challenges. At FlightStats, we are highly motivated to find ways to help our customers solve those challenges, which has been demonstrated in our recent collaboration with FlightGlobal and Diio. We believe companies within the aviation industry should take advantage of every opportunity to work together to improve the overall travel experience. We are thrilled to see this concept actually start to gain popularity across the industry through events like IATA’s annual symposium.

For us, tackling the challenges of distribution, customer experience, operations, etc., is a matter of looking at how we can connect the dots between different types of data and technology. Making those connections is the key to helping our customers and industry partners perform more efficiently and provide a higher level of service. Our hope is that over time the industry will become more unified in how it shares information and innovation between different entities.