Official Source Of American Airlines Data

FlightStats Becomes an Official Source of American Airlines Data (Free White Paper)

Airlines are increasingly aware of the critical part that complete, timely, and accurate flight status information plays in providing excellent service to their passengers. However, since travelers get information through a variety of channels–many of which the airlines don’t control or even provide data for–improving information consistency can be a challenge.

To address this issue, FlightStats, part of FlightGlobal, is proud to announce a new partnership with American Airlines that will help customers identify FlightStats as a source of accurate and reliable American Airlines flight status information.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with American Airlines because it is a major step forward in improving and ensuring our data quality,” said Jim Hetzel, Vice President of Business Development at FlightStats. “Getting information directly from the source, the airline, allows the FlightStats team to test and confirm facts and craft a detailed narrative of each flight. We are committed to making sure our data is as accurate as possible.”

The impact of better data quality

FlightStats currently collects data from over 500 sources because producing a complete picture of what’s happening with a flight often requires aggregating data and cross-checking data from more than one source. However, the most authoritative and timely source is usually a direct operational data feed from the airline themselves.

Consistent flight status information across all channels is in the best interest of travelers, the airlines, and the travel industry as a whole. Since FlightStats data has been integrated into hundreds of web and mobile applications and travel notification services, the quality of our services has a ripple effect across all the products created by our customers. A new partnership with American Airlines will improve data consistency for every organization that uses FlightStats’ data.

Additionally, American’s new Official Seal of American Airlines Data will make it easy for FlightStats’ customers to confirm they are using information directly from the airline or from sources that American trusts to redistribute its data. The seal will be displayed in all of FlightStats’ web-based displays and mobile apps.

Learn more in our free white paper

If you’re interested in accessing more information about the flight data ecosystem and the challenge of improving data quality across the industry, then check out our white paper: FlightStats Partnering to Improve Flight Data Consistency for Airline Customers.

The white paper was written by Mark Tilden, Co-founder of FlightStats, who has decades of experience in the travel data industry. Mark has played an essential role in building the systems that allow us to get information in real-time on any commercial flight, anywhere in the world. He is an expert at connecting the dots between our technology and what our customers need.

In this white paper, Mark helps “pull back the curtain” on the data sources that various aggregators use and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can use his insight to better understand why data inconsistencies occur and how they can be prevented.