FlightStats Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

FlightStats Celebrates Fifth Anniversary: Marks Growth As the Global Leader in Flight Status Information

Today, Conducive Technology announced the fifth anniversary of its flagship brand FlightStats, which reaches 3.5 million unique travelers per month via and another 1.5 million unique travelers per month via its mobile site and apps.

“On April 11, 2006, Conducive Technology launched the flight and airport status tracking website We made a whopping $4.28 in advertising revenue that day,” Jeff Kennedy, Conducive Technology”s CEO laughingly reflects, “In just five years, we”ve come a long way from an unknown travel data site to a globally recognized brand that millions of people rely on everyday to improve their travel experience.”

In addition to direct traffic to its properties, FlightStats data reaches travelers around the world via its third-party publisher feeds, widgets and APIs. FlightStats” five hundred plus independent developer network generates over three million data queries per day, which powers major sites like USA Today and Accuweather, top selling mobile apps like FlightTrack and Kayak, digital signage solutions like Marriott Courtyard”s GoBoards, email/SMS alerts by Alaska Airlines and in-terminal displays at over 30 airports. Millions more access FlightStats through data sharing agreements with Google and Bing.

Whether it”s flight delays, cancellations, weather conditions, traffic jams, emergency situations or airport terminal services, over the beste online casino years, FlightStats has provided a growing array of timely day-of-travel information services that keep travelers and businesses around the world in control of their travel experiences. “Previous to FlightStats, there wasn”t a solid, go-to source for tracking flight and airport status. By focusing on the needs of the traveler, providing global coverage, constantly looking for new ways to deliver our information and ensuring data quality, FlightStats has carved a unique, trusted place in the travel information ecosystem” says Mr. Kennedy.

Below is a timeline of major events in FlightStats” evolution:

April 2006 launches as a consumer site – empowering travelers with a single source for flight status information

July 2006
First 1 million page view month

December 2006
FlightStats mobile website launches

September 2007
FlightStats Flight Tracker launches, providing people everywhere a visual tool to watch their loved ones trek across the sky

October 2007
Wall Street Journal rates FlightStats Alerts #1 for business travelers to receive flight status updates via email/SMS

December 2007
Integration with Google launches, allowing millions of travelers to get their flight status directly from Google searches (Bing integration soon follows)

June 2008
Alaska Airlines adopts FlightStats Alerts as its official passenger flight status alerting solution

December 2008
UK version of FlightStats is launched (

May 2009
FlightStats Android app launches

December 2009
Over 29 million page views (additional 4.5 million pages views on mobile site)

February 2010
FlightStats shown in Google”s Super Bowl commercial

April 2010
Icelandic Volcano creates havoc on European air travel – drives global audience to FlightStats – resulting in first 30 million page view month

September 2010
FlightStats Airport Portal launched – providing airports with a single dashboard to gather operational data and publish messages to travelers via the FlightStats Network

December 2010
Over 42 million page views (additional 10 million page views on mobile site)

January 2011
FlightStats presents the second annual On-time Performance Awards, which recognizes airlines and airports around the world for getting passengers to their destinations on-time (

March 2011
4 of the top 5 paid travel iPhone apps are powered by FlightStats data (FlightTrack, FlightTrack Pro, FlightBoard and Kayak)

April 2011
FlightStats staff celebrates its 5-year anniversary by cracking a few local micro-brews (no different than any other day)