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FlightStats Launches New Video Series: FlightChats

The FlightStats team is excited to announce the launch of our new video series: FlightChats.

At FlightStats, we have a team of experts who have been working in the travel industry for more than a decade. We decided to tap into their passion and experience to create a valuable resource for the segments we serve. The videos in this series will focus on the biggest problems of the travel industry and offer insight into how you can create innovative solutions for those problems.

Why watch FlightChats?

Working in the travel industry can be tough. You’re constantly struggling to keep your customers satisfied and enhance the quality of the travel experience. Whether you work for an agency, an airline or any other segment of the travel industry, there are many challenges that come with the job and sometimes it helps to hear a fresh perspective on how to approach those challenges. That is why we created FlightChats.

This series is not only intended to inform you about our services and solutions, but also to direct you to the resources that will empower you to improve your travel programs and technology. We’re here to answer some of the important questions you have and help you solve high-value problems. The best way to do that is to connect you with our in-house experts so you can ask them questions and learn from their experience. Ultimately, we want to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions for your business. Watch FlightChats to discover the latest tips for taking advantage of data analytics, improving operational efficiency, and delighting your key customers.

In addition to discussing problems within the industry, a few of our videos will provide a behind-the-scenes look into who we are as a company as well as preview the tools we offer to help customers deliver the right information at the right time.

Who will be featured on FlightChats?

Working with some of the biggest names across the travel ecosystem every day has given our team members keen insight into trends and opportunities in the marketplace. They are especially skilled at identifying how service providers can take advantage of data and technology to make travel more convenient and efficient for their customers.

Meara McLaughlin

Meara is a VP of Business Development and has been a part of our team for 11 years. A natural storyteller, Meara has always been able to see the bigger picture of business travel. She is able to explain the challenges faced by the industry, and how we can help solve them, in a way that is compelling and easy to understand.



Steven Stark


Steven is a Product Manager and has been with FlightStats for three years. In his role, Steven is responsible for the entire process of creating a solution, from understanding the customer side all the way to managing the actual development. He is an expert at explaining the functionality of our technology in a way that demonstrates the true value of what we do.



Jim Hetzel


Jim is a VP of Business Development and has almost 30 years of travel industry experience. He is an expert in implementing travel technology as well as building strategic partnerships. Jim specializes in understanding the needs of airlines and airports. He has in-depth knowledge of data services and operational intelligence.




Mark Tilden


Mark is a co-founder of FlightStats and has played an essential role in building the systems that allow us to get information in real-time about any commercial flight, anywhere in the world. Mark is able to connect the dots between our technology and our customer needs. His focus has always been on creating technology that makes life better for real people.



Robyn Grassanovits


Robyn is our Head of Product and has worked with major organizations across the travel ecosystem for many years, including American Airlines, Travelocity and Sabre. Robyn has an exceptional talent for understanding the needs of the travel industry and developing solutions that will provide the most value to our customers.




David White


David is our VP of Customer and has been with the FlightStats team for more than 10 years. He is skilled at looking for patterns in the travel industry and assessing their strategic importance. David is always finding new opportunities to use data to enable a new innovation. His ability for understanding how the travel market works makes him an invaluable source of knowledge for any industry professional.



What topic will be covered first?

The first videos featured on FlightChats will be a four-part series focused on understanding travel context. In this series, Meara and Robyn will be taking the story of disruption further than ever before. Each video will provide a deeper look into why context matters to the travel industry and how it can be used to deliver a higher level of service. You’ll learn how you can use travel context to achieve better cost control, create efficiencies, and improve the overall experience your travelers have with your services.

Stay tuned for more as we roll out this series in the coming weeks. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a moment of FlightChats.