FlightStats Makes it Easy to Access Flight Schedules and Seat Availability

FlightStats, the leader in global flight and airport information services, and Innovata LLC, a travel technology and database management specialist that maintains an industry standard global airline flight schedules database, are pleased to announce a new Flight Schedules Web application – the second product resulting from a strategic collaboration between the two companies. Accessible now on, the application provides a perfect illustration of how travel application developers can implement the recently launched Schedules/Connections API.

The Schedules application on, inclusive of a check fares option, is based upon FlightStats’ new Schedules/Connections API and complements the redesigned Flight Availability tool. Whether it’s an immediate need to rebook a flight due to a cancellation, check for available seats for potential upgrade options or select flights based on the most efficient routes, travelers can turn to FlightStats as their single source to better manage travel outcomes.

“Travel application developers are looking for data that can help them build differentiated products and savvy travelers expect advanced trip planning tools,” says FlightStats CEO Jeff Kennedy. “Our Schedules web application and Schedules/Connections API provide powerful search filters, such as punctuality ratings, connecting airports preferences and equipment type which all help deliver an enhanced user experience.”

The Schedules/Connections API gives developers the ability to create their own flight search applications via access to Innovata’s worldwide scheduled flights by airport, route, or carrier and flight number. Search results can include flights that are non-stop and codeshare for direct flights. The API also includes filters for refining results, such as an allowed set of carriers or connecting airports.

Available from FlightStats on a pay-as-you-go basis, the Schedules/Connections API will serve mobile developers, airports, airlines, travel agencies and ground transportation companies. API details can be found in the FlightStats Developer Center.

FlightStats APIs give developers access to a broad range of flight information including: flight status, flight position, flight schedules, flight availability, on-time performance and flight alerts. FlightStats multi-source database yields the world’s most comprehensive and accurate flight status data available. This combination gives developers the full range of flight data necessary to create compelling services and applications for travelers.

About FlightStats
FlightStats is the undisputed leader in global flight and airport information services. Visitors to FlightStats branded websites, mobile apps and third-party apps powered by FlightStats can get easy and comprehensive access to flight status, flight schedules, flight map tracking, on-time performance ratings, airport delays, local weather, airport service/amenities and interactive airport terminal maps. FlightStats also provides the most comprehensive flight alerts to travelers and those interested in tracking a travelers flight.

About Innovata
Innovata is a leading database management and software solutions provider specializing in the aviation and hospitality travel segments. In association with IATA, Innovata maintains an industry leading airline schedules database with over 8300 participating airlines. It is also the clear market leader in providing a range of electronic timetable and mapping services to over 200 airline, airport and travel website companies.