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FlightStats Partners with AirAsia to Integrate New Data Feed

We are excited to announce AirAsia will be joining our Airline Partnership Program and providing FlightStats with a real-time operational data feed.

In an effort to continue to improve our data quality, FlightStats has made it a priority to continue to strengthen our relationships with airlines by creating the Airline Partnership Program. We know airlines are committed to providing their travelers with the right information at the right time and this program helps airlines meet that commitment.

“We want to make sure we are able to communicate accurate information to our guests through all stages of their journey as well as increase the efficiency of our operations,” said Spencer Lee, AirAsia Head of Commercial. “Our partnership with FlightStats gives us the tools we need to achieve both those things.”

Our growing list of direct data feed partners enables us to improve the breadth, accuracy and timeliness of our data. With this most recent partnership, FlightStats now has nearly 50 direct data feeds from airlines–building on our over 500 sources of data for more than 600 carriers. The information provided by airline data feeds is critical for improving operations, managing flight disruptions, increasing schedule reliability, reducing delays and finding new cost efficiencies.

“Getting a direct data feed from an airline helps us guarantee our data is as reliable as possible,” said Jennifer Tan at FlightStats. “It also gives the airline more control over what we say about their operations and ensures they are accurately represented in the travel ecosystem.”

AirAsia’s contribution to FlightStats’ data sources helps assure we have the highest quality of data as well as the deepest breadth of coverage. It’s the quality of our data feeds that enables us to give the best answers about what’s expected, what’s happening now, and what actually happened.