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FlightStats Partners with Delta Air Lines

We are proud to welcome Delta Air Lines to our Airline Partnership Program. As a member of our program, Delta will provide FlightStats with a real-time operational data feed.

This partnership will improve the breadth, accuracy and timeliness of FlightStats data as well as provide Delta with enhanced visibility and data consistency throughout the entire travel ecosystem.

“We are excited to expand our airline partnership with Delta Air Lines as it is the best way for us to ensure our data is as accurate as possible. Getting information directly from the source, the airline, allows the FlightStats team to test and confirm facts and craft a detailed narrative of each flight,” said Jim Hetzel, Vice President of Business Development at FlightStats.

FlightStats collects data from over 500 sources, giving us the most comprehensive view of the travel ecosystem available. Data sources include airline direct data feeds, airline data via the world’s largest Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), civil aviation authorities, airports, positional data feeds, and other 3rd party data aggregators.

But producing the most reliable flight data is about more than coverage. It’s the quality of our data feeds that enables us to give the best answers about what’s expected, what’s happening now, and what actually happened. When we gain access to a new airline data feed, we are able to provide all our customers with information that is as accurate, consistent, and timely as possible. Delta’s contribution to FlightStats’ data sources helps assure we have the highest quality of data as well as the deepest breadth of coverage.

FlightStats created the Airline Partnership Program to provide significant value back to airlines, while allowing FlightStats to properly represent their story. The information provided by airline data feeds is critical for improving operations, managing flight disruptions, increasing schedule reliability, reducing delays and finding new cost efficiencies.

FlightStats is dedicated to supporting the best interests of airlines and providing them with the information they need to make good, data-driven decisions. Our goal is to provide airlines with data that will empower them to solve problems and better serve their customers.